T U E S D A Y ,     M A Y     8 T H

Donna heads out to meet our dive boat

Passing the anchored yachts on the way to our dive shop

Our dive shop was located at the Sunbreeze Hotel

Our dive boat loaded for the long trip to Blue Hole

Three of AquaDives dive boats

AquaDive Scuba at Sunbreeze Hotel

Making the two and a half hour trip to Blue Hole

Donna and David on their way to Blue Hole

David and Donna pose before their Blue Hole dive

What a great looking couple!

The divers ready for the Blue Hole trip

Divemaster gives the briefing before the dive

Tuesday Blue Hole Trip

Dive 5: Blue Hole, 130 feet for 26 minutes

Blue Hole stalagtites at 130 feet down

Donna handles the pressure well

David isn't doing as well

In fact, he could be narking out!

Bull sharks circled below us during the dive

Black tip sharks were also in the mix

Dropping off snorkelers at Half Moon Caye

We'll be back for a picnic after our 2nd dive

Tuesday Blue Hole Trip

Dive 6: Half Moon Caye Wall, 60 feet for 46 minutes

Donna exits a tunnel at Half Moon Wall

Here she comes!

Paying the $10BZ Half Moon Caye park fee

Picnic and surface interval at Half Moon Caye

Half Moon Caye National Monument

An old wreck off of Half Moon Caye

Are we on Gilligan's Island?

Island dog goes straight for my chicken bone scraps

Blue Hole travelers enjoy a picnic

Hurricane damage include big piles of coconuts

Young booby birds in the trees

Two foot lizard pokes his head up through the branches

Another young booby bird

Platform view of thousands of congregating booby birds

Smell and sound were definately part of the ambiance!

Flying Frigate!

Six foot wing span on the center booby

Half Moon Caye & Galapagos are the only booby habitations

Lizard on a stick among the infinite booby poo

Hermit crab burrowing into a coconut

A little shy at my presense but work continues

Back to the picnic area from the booby roost

Thousands of minnows skirt the shoreline

Abandoned lighthouse on Half Moon Caye

Oceanside of the island, not a long walk

David's annual coconut posing, with a lighthouse this year!

Avoided yet another head injury since our Maui honeymoon

Donna and David pose on Half Moon Caye

Donna looking great in a great photo opp

Tuesday Blue Hole Trip

Dive 7: Eagle Ray Wall, 60 feet for 43 minutes - See a four foot long sea turtle

Lone house on a tiny island within the Turneffe Islands

That guy would pay $20BZ for a 2 liter Dr. Pepper

Friendly parrot at Caribe Island Resort Office

Entrance of resort, office to right, our room on opposite side

Pool overlook, our 2nd floor balcony is visible on the left

Enjoying a delicious dinner of fish & chips & seafood soup

David enjoying a Belikin premium beer
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