F R I D A Y ,     J U L Y     1 9 T H  

Heading north to 1000 Steps dive site

Shoreside road at Oil Slick Leap dive site
Dive 15 - Oil Slick Leap (North Bonaire) - Max Depth = 70ft, Duration = 49min
Divemaster Lutty finds a seahorse, burn up air chasing other fish, must surface early

Seahorse clings to coral

Lobster rests on a ledge
Dive 16 - Andrea I or II (North Bonaire) - Max Depth = 55ft, Duration = 53min
Look for frogfish but only find eel

Closeup of plume worms on coral

Spotted eel makes itself visible

Nice big brain coral cleaned of sand by Divemaster Alvin

Green spotted eel finds a new place to hide

Climbing back on board the Sea Gypsy

Donna waits her turn to climb onboard

Close to the Petroleum plant at the north side of Bonaire

Windjammer departs Bonaire

David forgets to suck in his gut as Windjammer passes

Balcony side view of hotel room

Hotel room with balcony view

Informal restaurant undergoing remodel

At least I still have a shirt, minus the sleeves

Funky looking Bonaire Corolla

Donna snorkels near the dive pier

Snake eel on the bottom ten feet below

Porcupinefish hides in rocks of topless sunbathing peninsula

Baitfish hide under dive pier

Redlip Blenny rests on rocks

Another redlip blenny rests on the rocks

Donna swims on by

David snorkels overhead

Donna and David snorkel together

Hotel room balcony sunset

Donna watches the sunset.   Chibi Chibi in background

David with the balcony sunset
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