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Best wreck diving in the Caribbean
Antilla wreck breaks surface
Antilla - 400ft German freighter from WW2.
Topside: Casinos, duty-free shops
Water Temp: W-mid70's, S-mid80's
Flight: from Atlanta, Miami
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Recent Trip Reports
A Happy Ending. (newceci) posted 2001-08-27
Just the story of a rescue.
Warning!!! Don't Dive with Mermaid Divers in Aruba!!! (Skicoach) posted 2001-08-13
We just returned from Aruba. On a nightdive 60' underwater with Mermaid Divers a girl on vacation with us was sexually assaulted by the Divemaster/Owner (Carlos). Aruba Tourism Authority says this has happened before & they turned it over to Police! PADI & NAUI have also put Attorneys on him since he is no longer affiliated (for same reason) but advertises he is! The victim came to the surface in a panic & ended up with the buoy rope wrapped around her neck & leg. The jerk wouldn't let us turn our divelights on during the dive (now we know why)! He also bragged about leaving two divers down in the water after they stayed down too long against his warning! The women on the boat were so upset he finally relented & went back to get them but was very proud of reducing the diver to tears in front of his girlfriend! He was previously not allowed to take divers down for several years! How can someone like this continue to get away with this? For the safety of general public this control freak & sex addict needs to be put out of business!
Buddies Above As Well As Below (SkipH) posted 2001-07-19
A great liveaboard trip teaches a great big lesson.
Cruise Trip Report (Part 1 of 2) - 12 Islands, 14 Days, 16 Dives, 5 lb. Weight Gain (ekim) posted 2001-05-29
This is about a 2 week cruise on Princess Cruise lines Occean Princess, cruising out of San Juan with stops at Barbados, St. Lucia, St. Kitts, St. Maarten, St. Thomas, Aruba, La Guaira (Venezuela), Grenada, Dominica and a repeat visit to St. Thomas. The date of this trip was March 16 - April 1, 2001
Diving while cruising the Carribbean, Part 4, Aruba (CountessP) posted 2001-03-24
Continuation of RCL's, Vision of the Seas, dive in Aruba. So far, we have cruised to Key West, Cozumel, Grand Cayman & Jamaica, diving successfully in each port. After a day at sea we are now in Aruba. Believe it or not folks, the diving is getting better as the ship cruises on...........
Circling the Caribbean on "Vision of the Seas" (YankeeDiver) posted 2001-02-02
Diving in thr Caribbean from a Cruise Ship
The Wrecks and Reefs of Aruba (diamond_diver) posted 2000-10-10
Aruba, diving and wrecks and reefs was very rewarding and the hotels and fine dining just add to the overall experience.
Aruba trip report (chicagodiver) posted 2000-09-29
Here is a general report on a recent trip to Aruba

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