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The Islands of the Bahamas
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Bahamas Diving

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Two Ship Wrecks Nearby

Two most accessed destinations are Nassau, New Providence and Freeport, Grand Bahama. The south shore of New Providence Island offers miles of white-sand bottom punctuated by occasional patch reefs. Here, divers can tour the Bahamas' largest collection of shipwrecks in benign conditions and depths of 60 feet or less. Just a few miles away, more adventurous souls can hover alongside a coral-encrusted wall or watch divemasters feed a swarming school of reef sharks.

San Salvador, Conception Island and Rum Cay are not part of the Bahamas' larger system of sub-sea plateaus. Instead, they are individual, partially submerged mountain peaks rising from the abyss 11,000 feet below. According to some historians, the island of San Salvador was the first landfall made by Columbus on his momentous voyage in 1492. Others contend that it could have been Conception Island. San Salvador is about the only place in the Atlantic that attracts schooling hammerheads.

Andros, Exumas, Eleuthera have inland Blue Holes
Walker's Cay is known for its shark rodeo
The Berry Islands and Chub Cay sit near the Tongue of the Ocean channel
Long Island is a good point to base trips to virginal Rum Cay and Conception Island.

Cat Island is known as the least inhabited island in The Islands of The Bahamas. The destination caters to those who are looking for total seclusion, miles of beautiful pink and white sand beaches, word class diving, snorkeling and fishing sites and the beauty of the island's 50-miles of rolling hills, rocky cliffs, empty beaches, especially the 8-mile Pink Sand Beach, and cerulean waters. Greenwood Beach Resort has FREE high speed internet for guests!!

What to Expect:
Wide range of diving from shallow reefs and wrecks to deep reefs and blue-water sites. Shore diving is limited, but thousands of square miles of shoals, reefs and walls populate the underwater terrain that surrounds more than 700 islands. Shark feedings and dolphin encounters are available in shallow waters; drift and wall diving can be found further offshore. Marine life is diverse. Water temperatures average about 76 degrees in the winter and 84 degrees in the calmer seas of the summer. Grand Bahama, Andros, the Abaco chain, Bimini and Long Island deliver diversity, while the south shore of New Providence has the largest collection of wrecks.

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