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Saba Scuba Trip Links
Blacktip, Whitetip, Bull Sharks
Water Temp: W-77F, S-84F
Topside: Mt Scenery
Flight: Winair from St. Martin
American Airways from Miami to St. Martin
US Airways from Charlotte to St. Martin
Saba Deep Dive Center
Sea Saba
Most abundant animal life in Caribbean
Diving only, no night life
Not for beginners

--- January 28, 2004 Information ---
Saba Divers & Scout's Place Hotel
Windwardside, Saba, N.A. N/A
Netherlands Antilles
Phone: 1-866-656-SABA (7222)

Best Package:
5 nights and 8 dives includes taxes,
transfer to and from boat, tank,
weights, boat trip and breakfast,
$475 p.p. or 7 nights & 12 dives $696.50US
Saba Divers