Wyoming Trip - September 11-13th, 2009

Arrive in Denver at 1pm, the big fountain is off

Head over to Hertz Car Rental from DEN

Dave P navigates, Dave G social-commentates

Head into Denver looking for some grub

Dave finds a promising morsel

And promptly woofs it down

Brad is ecstatic to have green chilies again

Ahhh, the spiciness was delightful

David just might lose his hunger after this meal

You should've seen the sparks fly off the knife & fork

Yah, yah, yah, the 3 of us shared the same burrito

Got it at Jack N Grill, featured on
The Travel Channel's Man V. Food,
consecrated with fresh roasted hatch green chilies!

Looking for New Belgium Ale in Fort Collins, CO

There it is, I can tell by the unattended bicycle

Finally discover the tasting room

So many choices, which two to grab?

Here's to free beer in distant breweries

Nope, that is not a spruced up port-o-john

Cross a new state line, first time since August, 2001

Gas stations hint at quick visits, then departures

Cattle enjoy the untamed and scenic land along I-25 to Cheyenne (Population: 55,738)

Staying 2 nights at Cheyenne's Historic Plains Hotel

Built in 1911 and features The Capitol Grille

Room 544 is spacious with two queen beds

TV armoire & window unit A/C (it's an old hotel)

The bathroom is in the other half of the suite

I get the couch, by the bathroom, AGAIN?

What to do tonight, look out the window, RIB FEST

Behold Cheyenne, the busy capitol city of Wyoming!

Take care of the means & the end will take care of itself

$15 for a half rack of North Carolina Delight

Grab breakfast at the best joint in town

Enjoy the Luxury Diner's famous Corn Beef Hash

Our Subaru Impreza has a devilish license plate

We had a devil of a time getting a table

See a lonesome derrick pumping oil along I-80 on the way to Laramie and the football game

Foothills along the Lincoln Highway (America's First Transcontinental Highway) on way to Laramie

Not a neighbor in sight in the state with the lowest population (532,668), less than Puerto Rico & DC

Highway rest area at Happy Jack Road with Lincoln statue marking the highest point (8,835 ft)

Begin the descent down to Laramie through the mountain pass at an altitude of 8400 ft

View of the City of Laramie (population: 26,050) from the mountain passage

Laramie is in Albany County (population: 30,890) home of The University of Wyoming (enrollment: 13,300)

All roads lead to War Memorial Stadium in the center of Wyoming's campus

Lined up christmas trees provide character and sound bafflement around the football stadium

View Texas vs. Wyoming Football Game

It is easy to find the only car not in the traffic jam

The forest on the way back up the mountain pass

Find the 8,835 ft altitude rest area within a cloud,
the highest point along the Lincoln Highway

Where our sixteenth statesman silently stands sentry

Drawing near, you can sense Abe say,
"Try the Bison Meatloaf at The Plains Hotel"

One hour later, back in Cheyenne,
the Capitol Grille proves Abe's wisdom

Sunday morning breakfast at the
Diamond Horseshoe Cafe

For a skillet of eggs, potatoes, peppers, onions, cheese and green chili sauce

Almost forgot about Friday's purchase of New Belgium's seasonal Golden Ale in the room fridge

A toast to Cheyenne, WY and a toast to Manhatten, KS hosting us in November, 2010

Head down to the Plains' Lobby to checkout

Lobby lighting has the nine planets shown

Our top floor room had the two left most window on the white building directly above the street light

View of The Plains from the Depot Plaza
with the Lincolnway Street entrance below

View of southbound Lincolnway, back to Denver

Northbound Lincolnway & both Plains buildings

Looks like the barbeque will fire up again today

Old cars gather near the Transportation Museum

View Photos of Cheyenne's Old Cars

Wyoming Capitol building

Wyoming was the first government in the world to grant women suffrage (December 10, 1869) and was thus named the "Equality State"

Statue of Esther Hobart Morris who played a role in granting women equal suffrage

Lengthwise view of Capitol w/sign

Spanish American War volunteers memorial

Buffalo statue on the north side of the Capitol

View down Capitol Ave from the top of the steps

Liberty Bell replica stands at 24th & Carey

South side of Capitol with bucking bronc statue

Two views of the bucking bronc & cowboy statues

Known as & represents The Spirit of Wyoming

Interesting tree on the Capitol grounds

Orange berries of the Oak Leaf Mountain Ash

Nice architecture across 24th Street from . . .

. . . the capitol which is now a funeral home

Straight on shot of the Capitol's gold dome

Down the road is the Governor's Mansion

Exit the car and onto Wyoming dirt one more time

Head back to Colorado for the flight home in Denver

Brad wants one more meal from Jack N Grill

It's a 10oz patty with guacamole, sour cream, bacon, & fresh roasted Hatch green chilies

David has no trouble devouring this small snack

Depart @ 5:15pm, 30mins late (clueless passengers)

Home awaits us just 2 hours away, 30° warmer, 5,700 ft lower altitude, and 70% greater humidity