#2 Texas @ Wyoming - September 12th, 2009

Arrive at War Memorial Stadium two hours early after finding 3 tickets for $60/each in less than a minute

The stadium is just opening up for fans so the bleachers are still rather empty

Find the Texas gate by looking for orange or the endzone

Enter the Wyoming tailgate area and walk around

Drinks, food, souvenirs, and lots of friendly people

Old Ford truck advertising for a cellphone company

Wow, nice, clean engine

Wyoming fans know a sweet truck when they see one

Brad finds a bonus in the bed of the truck

Fans eat, meet, & greet in the shadow of the stadium

Big flatscreen for watching Fresno State lead Wisconsin

Dave & Brad are ready for some football

Brad is one of two Texas fans wearing shorts at the game
David has all his backup gear stuffed in his sweatshirt

Finally time to head toward the stadium

War Memorial Stadium's field level of 7,220 ft. above sea level is the highest elevation in college football

Fans have a picnic out in the food court

Stadium beginning to fill up

Walk around to the other side of the stadium

My first of two brief glimpses of the scoreboard

Texas players begin entering the field

Defensive back head toward the stadium

Let the group gather up and . . .

. . . all head inside the stadium as a group

Colt McCoy slaps hands with fans of both sides while
Greg Davis plans out his screen pass plays

Start climbing the ramp up to the upper deck
go slow as we clear 7300 ft above sea level

The locals are still enjoying the tailgate area

Our view of the game from our seats

Texas players stretchout before the game

Wyoming players stretchout on their side of the field

The remaining Texas players enter the field

The team gathers before returning to the locker room

Wyoming team gathers up before exiting the field

The Wyoming Band & cheerleaders approach

The Band forms the "W" out on the field . . .

. . . and part for the cheerleaders to run through

Then the football players come through

Followed by the Texas players

Who run to the endzone for team prayer near their fans

Fred Akers, who coached both teams, flips the coin

Garrett Gilbert & Colt McCoy warm up

Kickoff for the first ever meeting between the teams

First play, in honor of Fred Akers, screen pass

McGee picks up 19 yards to the W19 on 2nd & 3

Incomplete pass on 3rd & 4, forces the FG, UT goes up 3-0

Full stadium watches Wyoming move the ball to the 40

Wyoming's Robert Benjamin looks for an open man

Colt gets the play after the defense forced a punt

Incomplete pass on 1st & 10 at the 15

McCoy rushes 3 yrds to W41 on 2nd & 10

A punt & defense hold later, McCoy hits Kirkendoll for 3
but the drive ends on the next incomplete & Texas punts

2nd qtr starts w/Benjamin throwing 2 incomplete passes
in a row to #33 Leonard & Wyoming punts to the UT 48

UT goes 3 and out and blows a 4th & 6 fake punt
Wyoming has the ball on the UT 14

Chykie Brown keeps David Leonard from catching the TD,
Brown's unsportsmanlike penalty, moves the ball to UT07

UT defense holds #32 Alexander to 2 yds on 2 rushes

Wyoming settles for a FG and ties the score, 3-3

Kirkendoll takes a McCoy pass 42yds to the W21

McCoy hits McGee for no gain back to the W25

McCoy runs the ball 18yds to the W07, 1st down

McGee crosses the goal line but a false start negates it

A sack & incomplete forces another FG, UT up 6-3

Wyoming goes 3 & out, then McCoy throws an INT at W33

Wyoming and Texas each go 3 & out & punt twice

UT drives w/90secs until half, McCoy hits Kirkendoll
who breaks a couple tackles & takes it in, from 25yds out
Texas 2nd punt is blocked for a TD, UW goes up 10-6

Hunter Lawrence's extra point makes it UT 13 - UW 10
UT kicks off giving UW time for one play & take a knee

The only visible scoreboard does not display the score

UW Band performs at halftime, UT Band is back in Austin

Longhorns come back out for the 2nd half

Wyoming hopes to hold UT down in the 2nd half

Wyoming kicks off to D.J. Monroe at the 19yd line

Monroe returns the ball 41yds to the W40

McGee runs the ball 4yds to the W09 on 1st & 10

McCoy rushes for the TD on 2nd down

Lawrence's extra point makes it UT 20-10

Benjamin picks up 9 yds, next play UT recovers a fumble

McCoy 15 yd pass to Newton, not enough for the 1st down

Next drive, McCoy hits Shipley for 17yds & the 1st down

Cody Johnson picks up 4yds to the W33 on 1st down

Stadium construction workers watch from the suites

McCoy scrambles on 3rd & 6th and throws to the endzone

. . . hitting Dan Buckner for a 33yd TD pass

Lawrence's extra point makes it UT 27 - UW 10

Leave my seat and find the scoreboard beyond the trees

Next drive starts on the W43 & ends with Newton's 13yd TD

Wyoming goes for it on 4th & 8 but incomplete pass

Newton picks up a 1st down on the last play of the 3rd

New Wyoming QB, Carta-Samuels, picks up a first down

Chiles catches a McCoy pass from the W26 and . . .

. . . takes it to the house, UT goes up 41-10

Garret Gilbert comes in for Texas' next position

Gilbert picks up a 1st down on a 9yd pass to Goodwin

Gilbert makes a 7yd pass on a 3rd & 11, UT punts to W01

Texas tries to stop Wyoming for a loss & a safety

On 3rd & 8, Salyards goes 11yds for a 1st down

UW Pom Girls & Pistol Pete celebrate the 1st down

View of the Wyoming skyline as the seconds tick away

Final play of the game, is incomplete at the UT 10

The two teams meet midfield to shake hands

Final score is 10 to something, can't see the scoreboard

The team comes to the Texas corner to sing . . .

The Eyes of Texas with their loyal cross country fans

Texas wins 41-10 and will see Wyoming in Austin
next year and again in 2012

David is now 6-5 in out of state games after starting 0-4,
27-16 away games & 103-43-1 overall, attending UT games