Trinity County Courthouse - December 26, 2017

Visit the 5th Trinity County Courthouse in Groveton, Texas, built in 1914 and added to the county records building built in 1908 on the east side (right)

Classical Revival featuring a full-height portico with paired Tuscan columns

County seat was moved to Groveton when the railroad came through it

1882 Lumber company sawmill brought the railroad and the new town

Fires destroyed the courthouses at two prior Trinity County Seats

A matching records building was added to the west side for symmetry

Jailhouse built by the Works Progress Administration in 1939

View of the northwest side of the courthouse from 2nd Street

The center courthouse building was built in 1914

View of the north side without the portico with paired Tuscan columns of the courthouse from 2nd Street

The 1908 county records building is an exact replica of Polk County's

Polk County's building was built in 1905 and the same plans were used

The 1908 freestanding records building was built beside the 1884 courthouse

The 1884 courthouse was demolished to make room for the 1914 courthouse