61st Street Cemeteries - September 10th, 2012

Start our cemetery tour at Lakeview between 59th & 57th

Looking for Texas President David Burnet, is that him?

Ella Mae passed 113 years after Gustaf

Sly only made it 36 years before passing in 1993

No more popping out of the ground during floods for us!

Matching headstone for Mom & Dad is always nice

Cylinder or fake tree, both almost 100 years old

Is this the marker to President David Burnet?

No, it's for the Woodman of the World who died in 1900

Find an official entrance marker for Lakeview Cemetery

President Burnet is in the lot, now go and find him

Softball, new corvette, working, who could that be for?

Confederate soldiers who died between 1901-1908

Hawley Oakes mausoleum along 57th street

C. A. Mensing mausoleum also needs a new door & repair

The name of this crypt must have been on the lost door

Michael J., 3rd Generation running the restaurant?

Andy and Kathy walk among the crypts on a beautiful day for such a activity

Major Clinton and his fellow mason friends

Hang out in the 1895 Receiving Vault til your grave's ready

I am happy to report that no one is currently waiting

Kathy stumbles across the marker we're looking for

Yep, and we have a double bonus marker

Lt. Sherman fought @ San Jacinto under Ed Burleson

Sherman led Confederate defense of Galveston in 1861

Burnet was Texas interim President Mar 2nd - Oct 22, 1863

Burnet declined to run against Houston, elected 9/05/1863

Sherman was dug up from by his wife & reinterred
here in 1894. We will go find his wife later today

Head back to the car after finding our famous residents

Mr. Hand from Fast Times at Ridgemont High rests here

Papa & Mama ran a most awesome tile company!

Monument to 1st Mason Grand Master organized in 1875

3 more graves over 110 years old on the way to the car

Over to Calvary Catholic Cemetery between 61st & 65th

1884 Oppermann Family Vault can be seen from 61st St.

Messina (L) and Goggan (R) Family Mausoleums

Italian Benevolent Society Vault built in 1888

12 crypts inside provided temporary rest to 70 members

Another angle on the 3 nearby family vaults

Dad, Mom & son with a familiar last name

Stiglichs would like to stay in place for the next hurricane

Husband includes wife & father-in-law but takes top billing

Martini family with Gin, Olive, Gibson & stepchild Vodka

Walking among the many graves at the Calvary Catholic Cemetery along 61st Street

Find more fine Del Papa gravestones

Graves of Dominican Sisters

Find Christ ascending the cross to find a seagul

Rossi-Figari scares the seagull off

St. Ignatius of Loyola kinda looks like Dad

Unusual birds poke around nearby in the cemetery

Carl was only 13 when he died 118 years ago

Galveston's priests are buried in the center circle

Mary holding Christ adorns one of the bishop's markers

Around the inner circle are the Stations of the Cross

Many of the priest's graves are written in Latin

Stations of the Cross, 1) Jesus Condemned - Gone!

2) Jesus is made to bear his cross

3) Jesus falls the 1st time under his cross

4) Jesus meets his afflicted mother

5) The Cyrenean helps Jesus to carry his cross

6) Veronica wipes the face of Jesus, a little too hard!

7) Jesus speaks to the women of Jerusalem

8) Jesus falls the third time

9) Jesus is stripped of his garments

10) Jesus is nailed to the cross

11) Jesus dies on the cross

12) Jesus is placed in the sepulcher

And beyond "2) Jesus is made to bear his Cross"

Is Galveston's greatest architect, Nicholas J. Clayton

Original pauper's marker for Galveston's greatest architect

Look for the brown marker while driving down 61st Street