Galveston Tree Carvings - August 18th, 2014

Start the East End Tour with the Island Totem Ploe

Next are the Birds of Galveston, 17 included here

Third carving is the Tall Ship ELISSA Figurehead

4th is the Great Dane fired up over losing less than 100 games this year

View of Sacred Heart Church & Bishop's Palace from 13th & Sealy

Make a U-turn to Ball St. and find a small dolphin

Pod of Dolphins & Mermaids is 6th on the tour

Needed a second photo to capture the back mermaid

7th stop on the tour has multiple items including an owl

And a squirrel holding his rather large nut

Two crested herons greet us at stop #8

The homeowner carved his own guitar at stop #9

A Toad is two blocks further along Ball St. for stop #10

Geisha and Sister Angels is the last stop on Ball St.

U-turn at 19th to Winnie for a Yellow Lab at stop #12

Toto & Tin Man at birthplace of Wizard of Oz director

Find a Pelican behind the Mosquito Cafe

Find a marker for Sherman Park that all maps call Adoue Park

Find Grandmother Reading to Her Grandchildren there

The Adoue family donated money to the playground park in her honor

Monument to Galveston's Trees a block further down at stop #16

U-turn at 10th to Church St. for Where Have All the Flowers Gone?

Stop #18, Mermaid Holding Clam Shell, her name is Tina

Find Pelican Sitting on Piling then U-turn at 18th to Postoffice St.

Angel Cradling Bunny in backyard of Victorian Bed & Breakfast Inn

The 21st & final stop is Large Pelican Holding Fish