S U N D A Y ,     J U L Y     1 4 T H  

Divemaster Rofino gives the pre-dive instruction

Donna readies her gear for the second dive
Dive 2 - Rockpile (South Klein Bonaire) - Max Depth = 65ft, Duration = 43min
3 foot lobster, no photos taken on first boat dive
Dive 3 - Small Wall (North Bonaire) - Max Depth = 50ft, Duration = 45min
Green & spotted eels, blue shrimp

Spotted eel pokes its head out of the coral

Moray eel look straight at the camera

Donna sports a new, temporary pink snorkel

Trumpet fish hides in the soft coral

Small school of yellow goatfish swim by

Urchin pokes out of the coral

Nice flower coral

Banded Coral Shrimp

Rock fish sits on the sand

Baracuda swims nearby

Donna rinses her gear back at the diveshop pier

Crab on the diveshop pier steps

Divi's Dive Bonaire Shop in background of post dive cleanup

View of Divi Flamingo Resort from diveshop pier

DC-10 lands at Flamingo Airport Bonaire

Our waterfront Room 107 at Divi Flamingo
Dive 4 - Kalabas Reef Shore Dive - Max Depth = 61ft, Duration = 50min
Sunk boat w/frying pan, anchor w/memorial

Coral with many plume worms

Donna poses under some coral

Fancy Drum

David finds a frying pan in a sunk boat

Nice porcupinefish

Donna swims through bait fish under the dive boat pier

Our hotel room

Hotel room from balcony

View of our balcony from Divi's Chibi Chibi Restaurant

View of beach from Divi's Chibi Chibi Restaurant

Setting sun turns the sky red

The sun sets over the topless sunbathing peninsula

Red sky at night, sailor's delight
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