M O N D A Y ,     J U L Y     1 5 T H  

View of south dive pier from balcony

Balcony view from our waterfront room

Northward balcony view toward Chibi Chibi restaurant

Our room is below the A/C units

Divi Flamingo has its own casino

Dive gear storage shed and boat pier ready for today

The Divi Dive Bonaire diveshop is on the way to the pier

Today's divers are ready to load up the Sea Gypsy

Departing the Divi Flamingo for the day's first dive

Donna takes Pica Pica precautions

Tish and Ken are ready to dive Klein Bonaire's north side
Dive 5 - Leonora's Reef (North Klein Bonaire) - Max Depth = 65ft, Duration = 49min
See eels, brain coral, first seahorse

Stoplight Parrotfish top & Trunk fish below

First ever seahorse

Donna grins

Two fancy drums

Male parrotfish feasting on coral

Eel pokes its head out of the coral
Dive 6 - Small Wall (North Bonaire) - Max Depth = 51ft, Duration = 50min
See eels, seahorse, fireworms, baby trunkfish

Divemaster Lutty can find the seahorses!

Eel looks straight up at the camera

Nice big brain coral

Balloonfish ambles by

Black/yellow fuzzy thing is baby trunkfish

Momma trunkfish calls her youngens

Donna readies her gear for the second dive

View of room from balcony

David relaxes on the balcony

Beach and dive shop pier from Chibi Chibi restaurant

David loves his ice cream dessert after every meal

Divi, USA, Netherland Antilles, and Bonaire flags at entrance

Another wild paddle palm tree first seen in St. Croix

Rooms across the courtyard at Divi Flamingo

Donna takes fresh towels down to our room

David's official trip coconut shot

View from south dive pier of Divi Flamingo

View of Divi Flamingo from end of south dive pier

David with an $8 6-pack of Venezuelan Polar 8oz cans

Dinnertime Bonaire sunset at Chibi Chibi
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