F R I D A Y ,     F E B R U A R Y     1 4 T H

View out room window at 7am

Two cruise boats have already arrived

Our room's balcony view

Another view of our room on the second floor

A kitty greets us in the morning

Rough seas requires our smaller boat to ferry divers

Smaller Eagle Ray takes divers to the Manta

The Eagle Ray returns for us

Eagle Ray enters the dock

Time to board, watch your head

Dive 2 - Eagles Nest, Max Depth = 86ft, Duration = 43min
No eagle rays but do find queen angelfish

Queen Angelfish

Plaque memorial to diver at 55 feet

Donna has long ago perfected the underwater grin

Yo, the safety stop requires breathing!

Donna's low carb diet is more conducive to boat travel

Boat relaxes before the next dive

Divers prepare for the next plunge

Sunset Divers draw a profile for each dive!

Dive 3 - Wild Life Reef
Max Depth = 54ft, Duration = 51min
Find yellow stingray,
two gray angels want food

David finds a yellow stingray!

Honeycomb Cowfish

Donna soars with angels

David models the latest in dive wear

Let the cruise ship parade begin!
Four boats on Friday
This one is Holland America's Noordam

Passengers exit from door near waterline

Royal Caribbean's Enchantment of the Seas

The X identifies this as a Celebrity Cruise ship

Arriving back at Sunset House

Shore divers oblivious to departing cruise boats

Sunset on Grand Cayman

D&D celebrate their 5th anniversary properly

Even shore divers want to watch the sunset

Donna watches the sun set at the hotel devoted to it

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