S A T U R D A Y ,     F E B R U A R Y     1 5 T H

Seas are calm enough for the Manta to dock

Donna waits for the Eagle Ray

Two boatloads of divers wait for departure

The Manta is ready to take a large group elsewhere

> > >   Big Sand Chute features tunnels

Dive 4 - Big Sand Chute, Max Depth = 87ft, Duration = 35min
Go thru tunnel, photo black durgen, blue tangs

School of blue tangs

D&D from the perspective of the Blue Tangs

Donna and divemaster discuss the next spot

Get on wrong boat, pay fine of case of beer

Dive 5 - Aquarium South, Max Depth = 46ft, Duration = 57min
Feed gray angelfish, mutton snapper, see turtle, huge anemone

Donna feeds a Gray Angelfish

Gray Angelfish are hungry!

In Oliver Twist voice, "More, please"

David's turn to feed porky

David looked up and saw the angel   (1 Chronicles 21:16)

David can't swim faster than his guardian angel

Those with eyelids lose staring contests

A turtle signals last shot in camera, dammit

Donna rides home on the front of the boat

Only one cruise ship today, Sunquest's Sunbird

Zoom to pirate ship docked off shore

The Sunset House welcomes us back

Donna waits her turn to rinse equipment

Grand Cayman 500th Anniversary lisence plate

Blackened dolphin burger

"My Bar" outdoor bar & restaurant

In door Seaharvest Restaurant

Lockers to store dive gear

Amphitrite, Siren of Sunset House

Courtyard beneath our room

The traditional "David and the coconut"

Our spacious room with a view

And what a view it is!

No kitchen appliances this time

Dive 6 - Sunset Reef Shore Dive
Max Depth = 64ft, Duration = 43min
200 yard surface swim to furthest bouy
Descend to sunken landing craft,
statue of Amphitrite,
school of squid

Sunken landing craft in 60 feet of water

The hole that sunk her?

Donna salutes with V8 engines behind her

David attempts to storm the beach

The gray angels return for another feeding

100 yards from shore and 50 feet down stands . . .

Amphitrite, the siren of Sunset House

David rushes to be photographed with celebrity

Mug for the camera now

Amphitrite and Donna compare hairdos

Barracuda on the way back to shore

Encounter a school of squid

Squid are hard to photo apparently

A well camouflaged Peacock Flounder

The peacock flounder is flushed from his hiding spot

From the peacock flounder's perspective

Get your hair out of your mask, boy!

David blows a smoke ring

Donna is used to high pressure situations

Another delightful sunset on Grand Cayman

Donna poses by the shore dive entry/exit point

Rehabilitating dogs find relaxation at Grand Cayman

David ponders the dinner selection

see sunday's photos