M O N D A Y ,     F E B R U A R Y     1 7 T H

Full moon on President's Day

The standard breakfast of ham & cheese omelette

Shore off of Orange Canyon, best site on the island

Current too strong every time we came out
> > > Unnamed dive site receives divemaster's name

Dive 10 - Jamies Wall, Max Depth = 76ft, Duration = 43min
Swim under overhang, see 3 lobsters, 2 turtles

Another dinner awaits some lucky patron

Donna poses with a turtle

We dove in front of Grand Cayman's Turtle Farm

Parasailing above the cruiseboats
> > > Resembles the top of a Mesa out in the desert

Dive 11 - La Mesa, Max Depth = 54ft, Duration = 53min
Lots of fish, pipeline to Jamaica, nurse shark

Nurse shark rests inside a hole

Donna swims above the pipeline to Jamaica

Donna poses by the cliff with bright blue background

David poses under the cliff.   Coral needs more light

Royal Caribbean's Nordic Empress starts the parade

Norwegian Cruise Lines' Norwegian Sun

Second Royal Caribbean ship

A third Royal Caribbean ship!

Holland America concludes the banner 5 boat day

Chartered Submarine Ride tender goes by

Back home.   Red ball near Amphitrite

Sunset Divers headquarters

Another blackened dolphin sandwich

3 iguanas eat the left over lettuce

Dive 12 - Sunset Reef Shore Dive, Max Depth = 64ft, Duration = 38min
200 yard surface swim to farthest bouy
No eel under landing craft, statue of Amphitrite,
sinus congestion shortens dive, strong surge at entry and exit

David poses under his namesake sunken landing craft

Gray Angelfish spots David in the distance

Annonymous diver lends Amphitrite some support

Bill, Amphitrite, and David pose for Donna

Shore diving under the cruise ships

Donna's glasses reflection tell the story

Ahhhh, another sunset

Twin Royal Caribbeans ships start to depart . . .

. . . right into the sunset, nice

The final Royal Caribbean turns on the lights

Chicken Tikka Marsala
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