T U E S D A Y ,     F E B R U A R Y     1 8 T H

The cruise boats arrive bright and early

Seaharvest Restaurant's patio dining area

Small group gathers due to northeast snow storms!

Donna waits with soda in hand

This is how to celebrate an anniversary!

Eagle Ray arrives, time to depart for the morning dives

The larger white sub makes an appearance

Forgot camera!   Might as well make a deep dive

Dive 13 - Texas Hole, Max Depth = 115ft, Duration = 43min
Swim thru tunnel to 115ft, see ray in garden eels, borrow 5mins of Donna's air
No photos - depth too deep!

Missed out on Orange Canyon yet again

Heading to dive spot number two

St Croix Fred with Donna and new buddy Bill

David worked out a month before this trip

Paragliders start another ride

A very bad time to not have an underwater camera!

Dive 14 - Royal Palm Ledge, Max Depth = 56ft, Duration = 53min
Forgot camera, awesome ledge, bubbles through ledge, conch, wah!
No photos - forgot camera - wah!

Festival's Mistral starts the 6 cruise boat parade

Disney's cruise boat has Goofy on the back

Celebrity Cruises drops off a shore excursion boat

NCL's Norwegian Dawn has a big smile

The first close up of a Carnival Cruiser

Two lower doors on Holland America's Zaandam

Traveled straight through the fleet

Home again to Sunset House

Gumbo with Okra (explain it to the New Zealanders)

Blossoming bush on the walk to George Town

Cruise boat tourists head back to their vessel

Two different piers for so many cruise boats

It's official, we visited the Cayman Islands

Not all statues are underwater

Donna lays siege to Fort George

WWI Peace Memorial of Grand Cayman

George Town's public square

National Seal of the Cayman Islands

Drink pints of Tennents here

The last thing I plan to ride in is a submarine

Good timing, they are docked for the day

Imported sand arrives from offshore freighter

Donna checks out the George Town beach

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