Friday, March 10th

Donna watches as the dive boat is readied

One of the boats of Divi Tiara Beach Resort

David & Donna pose on the boat

Morning dive at 356 Wreck, snorkle with Spot the dolphin

Ready to jump in

Donna above Russian Destroyer 356

David above the 356 wreck

356's nameplate

Donna underwater portrait

Comrade David reporting for duty

School of blue tangs on the bottom

Grouper looking for EZ-Cheese

Russian destroyer rests peacefully

Donna checks out the deck

Donna investigates the wreck

Donna coming through a cabin

Heidi videos our dive

David finds a seat on whats left of the mid-deck

David finds a below deck opening

The 356 from a distance

Stern gun turret

Barracuda at the stern

Our new dolphin friend

Donna's new kitty

Kitty likes his belly rubbed

This cat won't shed!

The bow of 356

356 stern gun

Eel at the stern gun

Beware the wild animal!

Playing with the dolphin on the surface
Morning dive at End of Island

Donna starts her End of Island dive

David concludes his sand castle work

Donna admires David's sand castle

The wreck of the Cayman Mariner

Barracuda over the Mariner

Fish over the Mariner

shark #1, courtesy of our camera-woman

shark #2, courtesy of our camera-woman

Here turtle, turtle

Ray (not from New York)

Have you tried my restaurant chain? Red Lobster?

Rent mopeds.   Donna ready to explore a cave

Donna ready to get the heck out of this hot cave

The abandoned home of the Pumpkin Tycoon

Donna checks out the back of the Pumpkin house

Southeast wall of Cayman Brac, with Syracuse Ray's

The Bluff on the northeast side

Donna enjoys the beach at The Bluff

Cemetary overlooking the water on the north side

Watching scuba videos at the Divi Tiara bar

David loves the prime rib/crab leg buffet

So do the stray cats . . .
see saturday & sunday's photos
. . . among other things