T H U R S D A Y ,     A P R I L     1 8 T H  

Travel by taxi to Rainbow Beach near Frederiksted

I hope this dog isn't our only scuba crew

Nice beach on the west end of the island

Looking south toward Frederiksted

Dog digs for crab on the beach

Finally, the 8 man Scuba Deax arrives

Scuba Deaux crew - Ed, Bobby, Jerry

All loaded up and ready to go

Dive 1: West End Bradley Bay, Wreck of the Rosia Maria and Coakley Bay
85 feet for 31 minutes
See wreck of container ship and tugboat.   Andy misses the trip

Just about ready to flop over the side

Donna checks out the Rosia Maria

David leaves the container ship for the tugboat

The tugboat Coakley Bay retired for divers

Bobby mans the controls, David investigates

Donna also sees what all the clatter is about

Donna does a jig over the Coakley Bay

Donna decides to investigate the sides of the boat

Scott swims through the rudder

Scott sees the video camera 90 feet down

David leaves the conner tower, Scott approaches

Scott takes over the consol

David looks down a hole into the tugboat

Bobby, Ed, and Jerry ready the boat

Scott, Marsha, and Donna take a surface interval

Dive 2: Sprat Hall Reef, 54 feet for 45 minutes
Great dive: see white flounder, fields of garden eels, christmas tree worms

Bobby leads, followed by David, Scott, and Donna

Another Puffer/Porcupine fish says "hi"

Brain Coral

Not quite a christmas tree worm, but related

A field of Garden Eels

Donna finds a turtle

Donna and Scott follow the turtle

Donna finds a white Peacock Flounder

The flounder don't want to be found

Flounder stops and blends into the ground

D&D show off their St Croix Hook bracelets

Andy gets a kitty birthday card on his special day

David writes his work a postcard

David allows his wetsuit to dry
6:30PM Night Dive

Dive 3: Long Reef Blue Chute
70 feet for 43 minutes

See lobsters, sleeping turtle, eel,
fluorescent plankton

Found a sleeping turtle

Post Night Dive Dinner at Stixx

Donna got the surf and turf

David got prime rib and garlic butter crab

Eatin' don't get any better than this!

The group sings Andy "Happy Birthday"

No candles to burn, only 151 rum

Restaurant cat awaits the scraps

Waitress Melissa's reward after putting out the table fire

Here is to less flamable shooters

Marsha, Scott, David, Donna, and Andy

Melissa joins us at the Brewpub afterwards
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