14U All Star Pasadena Tourney - June 3-4, 2023

Legacy warms up prior to the Pasadena Tournament at Crenshaw Park

Erin bats in the 1st, w/1 out & 1 on, vs the Pearland Vipers Pool Game

Erin hits a weak grounder toward SS as Cherish advances to 3rd

Slow roller and weak arm allow Erin to reach 1st before the throw

Cherish scores on a throwing error to 3rd base, Legacy takes a 1-0 lead

Erin pitches a rough 1st, putting 7 on & getting only 1 out for a 5 run-rule

Erin has a better 2nd inning holding the Vipers to zero runs & a 1 run lead

She gives up a leadoff walk but gets the next 3 batters out in order

Time will run out on the visiting Legacy in the top of the 3rd

Legacy falls 4-5 to the Pearland Vipers in the first pool game

Vipers' slow but accurate pitcher induced five Legacy strikeouts

This is a team we can beat with better pitching and hitting . . . and will!

Enjoy A/C and Shipley donuts in between games

Back to the ball park to watch opposing teams before warmup time

Heavy ball batting practice 30 minutes before the 2nd pool game begins

Erin up in the 1st w/2 outs after both Charlotte & Cherish strikeout

She lofts one over the 2nd basemans head and with a hard right spin

Erin legs out a double and will score along with Haley with Anastyn's ROE

Wednesday's K ends the inning & Legacy will only have 2 more batters reach

Haley pitches, gets 2 quick outs, then 5 reach & score a run-rule inning

Misfits have another run-rule in the 2nd, while Legacy goes down 1-2-3

Pitching made all the difference in the 2nd Pool Game vs the Host Team

We gotta throw strikes and make contact with pitches to have success!

Team gathers at Las Haciendas off I-45 during the 2.5 hour break

Donna and Rio come out to Pearland to see Erin's 3rd game tonight!

Haley pitches against the Danbury Panthers & holds them to 2 runs in the 1st!

Erin bats in the 1st w/2 outs after Charlotte & Cherish both strikeout

Erin is way behind on the 1st pitch but connnects late & fouls off the 2nd pitch

She knocks the 3rd pitch just outside the foul line in right field

With Rio barking, she makes her best connection yet and puts the ball in play

It stays fair and just outside of the 1st baseman's reach for a single!

Erin acknowledges Donna & Rio's congratulatory soundings!

Erin pitches the 2nd but the Panthers feast for a 5 run-rule inning

Legacy picks up 3 runs in the bottom 2nd but Danbury eats the remaining time

Danbury gets 3 times as many strikeouts & bases reached than Legacy

We will play these same 3 teams tomorrow in the bracket so get plenty of rest!

Back at Pasadena Sunday morning June 4th for bracket games

We had a nice little downpour last night and the fields are still dealing with it

Our 8:30am game is delayed until 10am to work the water out of the fields

Fields still need alot of work and that work continues until 11am

Lots of mud around the pitchers mound so hamstring pulls are looming

Erin and Cherish are happy the white pants were worn yestereday

Pasadena officials continue to rake the water out of the dirt

The opposing teams have a dance off to Electric Slide

John Deere tractor takes advantage of the rythmic beat to smooth out the field

Hosts Pasadena Misfits show their dance moves outside the home dugout

Was not expecting this performance when we got up this morning and headed out to the ball park!

After Cherish gets a single, Erin bats 2nd & learns the pitcher is fast

She hits the 2nd pitch toward shallow left center and Cherish advances

Cherish goes home as does the throw and Erin heads for 2nd

The catcher can't make the play and makes an excellent throw to 2nd

It hits the shortstop's glove on the run who makes an outstanding tag on Erin

But Blue calls Erin safe to the dismay of the spot-on catcher

Erin bats in the 2nd with Legacy up 3-1 over the Misfits

Erin hits a ground ball to the pitcher who throws her out to end the inning

Haley pitches all 3 innings and her defense fails her in the 3rd

Down 3-6, Legacy goes out in order, bottom of 3rd, & loses the 1st bracket

We had them beat but had too many defensive lapses the final inning

We had a great 2 innings and need to expand that into a full game!

Game 2 vs Pearland Vipers has Erin up in the 1st with 1 out

She hits a grounder toward 3rd and races to 1st base

3rd baseman makes the play and throws her out, 2 up, 2 down

Legacy will then have a 2 out rally, bat 6 more, and take a 4-0 lead

Erin pitches the whole game and holds the Vipers scoreless after 2 innings

Erin makes all 3 outs in the 1st with 2 strikeouts and fly out

Erin will walk 2 batters, hit a batter and give up one single for 1 run

Erin's 2nd at bat has Cherish steal 2nd on the first pitch

Erin fouls off the 2nd pitch straight up . . .

The catcher tracks down the ball and makes the catch

Cherish will score during Haley's at bat & increase the lead to 5-0

Erin gets a 3rd at bats as the Viper pitching cannot find the strikezone

Erin barely connects and taps the ball down the 1st base line

The pitcher tries to make a play at home;   Erin reaches on Fielders Choice

Charlotte is safe for a 9-0 lead, top of the 3rd

Vipers score 1, bottom of 3, when time is called, Legacy wins 9-1

Erin gets 1 RBI and wins the pitching dual with the Pearland Vipers

Next up is the tough Danbury Panthers for 2nd place, we can do it!

Legacy takes on the Danbury Panthers, fresh off a loss to Pasadena

Panther pitching is the fastest yet and Erin is way behind the pitch

Pitcher blows by another strike before 3 balls and a full count

The 6th pitch goes right into Erin's left leg for a HBP

Erin would have preferred another ball for an easy walk to 1st

Erin is left stranded after another K & Anastyn (HBP) picked off stealing

Erin bats in the 3rd with one out, and Legacy down 2-9

Pitcher has 4 strikeouts in 2.1 innings and blows another pitch past Erin

Erin makes contact on an 0-2 pitch and sends it towards shortstop

SS makes the 6-3 play for the out, Haley will strikeout next to end the game

Haley pitches well but Pathers hit often & Legacy lets balls go by

Sophia got the clutch hit that scored a run and also scored herself

Legacy has an award ceremony for 3rd place, Danbury faces Pasadena for 1st

Coach Stephen calls each for their ribbon & they shake hands w/opponents

Legacy poses with 3rd place ribbons prior to the championship games

Coach Stephen is happy for the one win but better play will net more wins

Legacy happy to complete the tournament despite plenty of standing water

Erin happy to take 3rd place but more work needs to be done

Legacy L-to-R Top row: Coach Stephen, Charlotte, Sophia, Anastyn, Maylee, Erin, Haley, Haley, Aria, Coach Vanessa, & Coach David
Bottom row: Wednesday, Cherish, Saniya, Ashlin, & Angelina