14U All Star Pasadena Tourney - June 9-11, 2023

June 9th 2nd tourney at Pasadena w/Haley pitching against Santa Fe American Thunder.   Hold them to zero runs in the 1st w/Saniya's great throw home

Erin up in the 1st after Cherish strikes out & makes contact w/the 1st pitch

It is an easy grounder to 3rd who makes the throw to 1st for the 2nd out

Legacy will only put two batters on base and one will get thrown out

Only Maylee will get a base hit and left stranded in the 3rd

Legacy will only get 1 more out the next 2 run-ruled innings

Maylee's hit, Aria's LF catch and Saniya's throw home are only highlights

Legacy had one good defensive inning and little offense at all

Legacy takes on the Pearland Vipers in the 2nd Friday night Pool Game

Angelina & Haley start the lineup as they didn't bat in the 1st game

Erin bats 4th with w/Cherish on 3rd and lofts a high fly toward left field

Left fielder makes the catch, Cherish will score & Erin gets a SAC RBI

Haley will score later in the 1st to give Legacy a 4-0 lead

Erin bats in the 2nd after pitching a 1st inning scoreless inning

Erin gets an RBI single as Saniya scores and Cherish & Haley move up

Legacy takes a 8-0 lead and Maylee pitches the 2nd inning

Maylee gets a strikeout and then time runs out on an 8-0 victory

Legacy's 3 hits and 7 walks fuel the victory & the defense preserved it

First game Saturday is at 710pm so get plenty of rest & hydrate

The mud from last weeks tournament is still drying out

Win Saturday night & play at 1030am Sunday, lose & play again at 930pm

Saturday, June 10th Bracket Game versus East Montgomery County

Erin hits an easy grounder to the pitcher w/2 outs, top of the 1st

Pitcher makes the play to 1st and the inning ends, 3 up, 3 down

Haley will pitch the 1st inning and give up 5 runs before getting 3 outs

Erin pitches the bottom 2nd with Legacy down 1-5 and the team has more defensive errors than when Haley was pitching

2 walks and 3 errors allow EMC to put up a 1-10 lead after 2 innings

Erin bats in the 3rd, w/Charlotte on base, swings and misses

Erin connects on another easy ground ball to shortstop and races to 1st

SS easily makes the play for the 1st out, Charlotte will score but that is it

Ashlin will get a base hit but Anastyn & Saniya will both ground out

Legacy falls to East Montgomery County (EMC) 2-10

Legacy could have won had they played errorless ball

We must focus on catching the ball and then make a good throw to 1st!

We got an hour wait and play an elimination game at 930

Next game is on the field the May tornado ripped the home dugout away

A storm pops up just as the team takes the field to warm up

40mph gusts of wind & light rain have the remaining games postponed

Team packs up & will check the new schedule late tonight for Sunday

730am Sunday, June 11th elimination game versus the Pearland Vipers

Cherish steals on the 1st pitch and Charlotte scores on the 2nd

Erin then connects on her best hit of 2nd Pasadena Tournament

Fly to left field just stays fair and rolls left, Cherish scores

Erin goes all the way around for a triple & will later score in 6 run inning

Erin starts the game with a 6 run lead and faces the #3 batter

Batter hits the ball just out of reach of Erin who deflects it slightly

Slight change in direction helps the ball get past Ashlin to the outfield

And the 2nd batter comes around to score, now 6-1 with one out

4th batter hits a nice line drive between 2nd and 1st

Base hit just out of the reach of Maylee and the ball goes to RF

Bad throw gets past Erin & Saniya for another run; Legacy will lead 6-4 after 1

Ashlin up in the 2nd to continue a 3 run rally after 2 outs recorded

Ashlin hits a line drive right to the 3rd baseman who makes the catch and ends the inning with Legacy up 9-4

Erin will only face 4 batters in the 2nd and get two strikeouts

I miss the last inning to work the slides at Hope's 9am Sunday service

Legacy will score 2 in the 3rd to exceed the 6 run-rule limit & win 11-4

Erin pitches the 1:16pm elimination game vs SF American Thunder 2

Haley was not feeling good last night and stayed home for today's games so Erin pitches every inning Sunday

2 walks & 2 errors allow Santa Fe to score a 6 run-ruled inning in the 1st

Maylee makes a great catch to get the first out of the inning

Erin bats, bottom 1st, w/no outs and gets a nice basehit to CF

Cherish decides to test the arm of CF and turns the corner to 3rd

Cherish is rewarded with 3rd base as the throw comes in low & keeps going

Cherish stays at 3rd and Erin continues on to 2nd with no outs

Ashlin will get a 2RBI single to move Legacy closer, down 3-6

Erin has a much better 2nd inning, only allowing 2 hits, 1 score & 3 Ks

She strikes out the bottom 2 of the lineup before the 2 singles

Erin keeps Legacy in position to win against a good Select team

Erin bats in the 2nd w/no outs, bases loaded & 1 run already scored

Her fly doesn't carry far enough & the shortstop tracks it down for the out

Ashlin will get another 2RBI basehit and Legacy will tie the game 7-7

Santa Fe scores 1 run on 3 straight hits to take the lead in the 3rd

Legacy only gets one on base, bottom 3rd, and lose by one run, 7-8

That was a good game, we played hard & just needed one for play for the W