TX Area 5, 14U State Tourney - June 16-18, 2023

Legacy at South Montgomery Girls Softball Field in The Woodlands . . .

For the Texas Area 5 14U "B/C" State Tournament

The Tournament Opening Ceremonies are underway

Seventeen area 14U teams are present to duke it out and advance to regionals

The National Anthem is sung, officials are introduced, and a past 14U player, now in college, throws out the first pitch

The teams move over and line up to be individually introduced

When called, each team runs towards home and rounds back around to 1st

Good luck to all teams, play well and stay hydrated!

Erin and Haley warm up for the 1st pool game against Huntsville Havoc

Erin up in the 1st, no outs, and both Cherish & Charlotte on base

Erin hits a routine double play ball to the shortstop . . .

But Charlotte evades the tag and the SS overthrows 3rd for a 2 base error

Erin will also score and Legacy will take a 3-0 lead in the 1st

Erin pitches the 1st inning and starts the game with a strikeout

Erin will give up 2 singles, a walk & a double in the inning

Havoc will tie the game in the 1st making it 3-3

Erin will get two more strikeouts to end the 1st inning

Legacy will score 3 more in the 2nd to take a 6-3 lead

Haley pitches the 2nd inning and Havoc ties the game 6-6

Erin bats in the 3rd w/Charlotte on base, no outs, in a tie game

She makes good contact and send the ball into the outfield

But the center fielder doesn't have to go far to make the catch

Anastyn & Ashlin will go down in order allowing Havoc to score 1 to win

Charlotte pitches the 3rd inning and Havoc scores 1 for the win

Losing the pool games are OK so we can be in the easier Silver Bracket

Erin bats w/1 out and 1 on in the 2nd pool game vs Bay City Unity

Cherish steals 3rd by diving under a good throw and tag

Erin has a very rare strike out looking by a good Unity pitcher

Anastyn will strike out next to end the inning but Cherish scores prior

Charlotte pitches the 1st inning vs Unity & gives up 3 walks & 1 hit

Legacy defense holds Unity to only 3 runs for a 1-3 lead after 1 inning

Charlotte closes the 1st inning with a strikeout

Ashlin hits 2 deep foul balls to left field but then hits a 3U grounder to 1st

Sophia & Wednesday will walk to get 2 on base in the 2nd

Haley & Aria will strikeout but not before Sophia scores on a wild pitch

Erin pitches the 2nd inning down 2-3 to a good Bay City Unity

She gets the 1st 2 batters to strikeout but then Unity goes on a rally

Erin will give up 2 walks & 5 hits from poor defense & not get a 3rd out

The sprinklers come on in left field during the inning

The sprinklers do not effect play as no balls are hit to left field after they come on

And it amuses both teams' players as play continues

Down 2-9 in the 3rd, Legacy gets 1 at-bat (Maylee walks) before time runs out

Bay City Unity out hit & out defended Legacy & will play the Gold Bracket

It is ok to lose both these games so we can better compete in the Silver

Both Bay City & Huntsville join Texas City & Danbury in the Gold Bracket

Legacy joins Dickinson (TXC Tourney Winner) in the Silver Bracket

Legacy will face the #2 Silver Bracket team, PN-G Fusion Elite at 9am

Legacy arrives back Saturday morning at 8:15am for their 1st Bracket Game

Cherish leads off for the visiting Legacy facing PN-G Fusion Elite

She grounds out to the shortstop, 6-3, one up, one down

Sophia is up next and she strikes out on a full count, two up, two down

Erin is up next and she hits a fly ball to shallow left field

The shortstop runs it down and Legacy goes down in order top of the 1st

Haley pitches the 1st inning and holds Fusion Elite to 1 unearned run

Erin has a 1st batter fielding error but makes the 2nd out, F6

Ashlin makes a play at home holds Fusion Elite to a 0-1 lead after one

Ashlin leads off the 2nd, walks, but gets thrown out stealing

Anastyn strikes out and Haley flies out to 3rd, ending the top 2nd, still 0-1

Haley pitches the 2nd inning, hits 2, walks 1 and has a reach on error

Bases loaded, 2 outs when a batter get the ball by the outfield for 3 RBIs

Legacy gets the next runner up but give up a 4 spot, now down 0-5

Cherish bats after Wednesday had her key 2RBI base hit into right center

Cherish lines out to SS who then doubles off Wednesday, suddenly 2 outs

Sophia walks with Erin coming up to bat, ready to continue the inning

Sophia gets called out stealing and the inning ends, Legacy down 2-5

Erin pitches the 3rd inning and gets the first runner on a 1-3 ground out

Our solid center fielder Cherish comes in to play 3rd

Erin walks the 2nd batter so one on with one out, down 2-5

3rd batter hits an easy ground out to Cherish, play at 2nd or 1st

She throws to 1st, 5 feet over Maylee's glove, & the easy out is a 2 base error

Erin reacts disapprovingly to another lost opportunity

Defense needs to focus & make the play, ump appreciates brief cool off

Four 2-base throwing errors later, Fusion Elite gets a 6 run-rule inning

Erin leads off the 4th and hits a nice long ball to CF who catches it

Ashlin grounds out to 2nd for the 2nd out of the inning

Anastyn gets Legacy's 2nd basehit of the game, Charlotte in to run for her

Haley and Maylee both walk to load the bases

Charlotte scores on a wild pitch, making the deficit now 3-11

Aria gets an RBI basehit and scores Haley for a 4-11 deficit

Haley celebrates but Wednesday hits into a fielders choice to end the game

Defensive collapse in the 3rd dooms Legacy to a first round defeat

The umpires gather both teams and name an MVP for both sides

Wednesday gets the award for her clutch 2RBI basehit to end the shutout

Head to Sam's for food & beverage during the 4 hour wait for Game 2

Back to the park for warmup before the 4:30pm elimination game

Mother Nature went a little overboard on the temperature warmup

Cherish leads off against the Dickinson Gators and gets a walk

Erin up after Wednesday strikes out, facing a very familiar Gator pitcher

She is fast but not accurate, still working on control since Erin's Nitro days

Erin walks to put two runners on base with one out

Ashlin gets a hit, then Charlotte watches a wild pitch go by

Cherish dives in for the first run of the game, Charlotte walks

Haley gets a fielders choice when Gators fail to get the out at home

Aria grounds out to the pitcher but gets an RBI, 2 outs, 3 runs scored

Sophia faints a bunt and eventually walks

Haley scores another wild pitch putting Legacy up 5-0

Cherish drives home Maylee for the 6 run-rule, Sophia's run doesn't count

Umpire needs a heat exhaustion break after the top of the 1st concludes

Erin pitches against favorite neighbor Dickinson and gives up a leadoff hit

Sophia has a fielding error against the 2nd batter and the runners advance

Erin strikes out the 3rd batter for the 1st out of the inning

A wild pitch lets the 1st batter score, Legacy still up 6-1

Sophia has a throwing error on the 4th batter, 2 runs, still 1 out

Sophia makes a great play in a rundown and helps hold the Gators to 4 runs

Wednesday leads off the top 2nd and grounds out to 3rd base, 5-3

Erin bats next and hits a routine grounder to shortstop . . .

. . . who makes the throw to 1st for a 6-3 play & 2nd out of the inning

Ashlin strikes out to end the 2nd, Legacy still up 6-4

Ashlin's mom (Marisela), dad, & Angelina's mom (Christine) root for Legacy

Dickinson ties the game bottom of 2nd w/2 hits & a walk, Cherish . . .

. . . makes a catch & Erin bookends the inning with two strikeouts

Needing to score in the 3rd, Charlotte leads off with a walk

And scores after Haley is hit by pitch and Aria reaches on an E6

Haley comes in as well as the 1st baseman tracks down the errant throw

Maylee gets a nice basehit down the 3rd base line, 2 on w/0 outs

Sophia reaches on a fielders choice as they try to make the play at home

But Aria beats the tag home and puts Legacy up 9-6

Cherish grounds out to 3rd for the 1st out

Maylee comes in after the ball doesn't come back to pitcher quick enough

Wednesday reaches on a fielders choice as Sophia is tagged out at home

Angelina enters the game as a pinch runner for Wednesday

Erin is hit by pitch (foot) to reach but Ashlin grounds out to shortstop

Haley relieves Erin after the Gators load the bases with one out

Legacy attempts their long practiced trick play, with a slow runner at 3rd

Erin catches the throw to 2nd, short, and fires it back home

Ashlin makes the tag for the 2nd out, maintaining the 10-7 lead

Good thing as the next batter gets an RBI base hit, now 10-8

The ball gets by the left fielder and the batter makes it all the way to 3rd

The tieing run comes up to bat with 2 outs, game on the line

Erin catches her line drive to end the game and the team celebrates

Legacy stays alive by eliminating their nearest neighbor Dickinson, the champion of the May 20th Texas City Tournament

The Gators made more mistakes than Legacy who happily take the 10-8 win

Umpires bring both teams together afterward to recognize both teams' MVPs

Erin is awarded Legacy's MVP award for her strong pitching

The team celebrates with her as she collects her first ever game MVP

Haley pitches the 6:20pm game vs Woodlands Force & goes 3 up, 3 down!

Cherish leads off bottom of the 1st and flies out to the shortstop

After Wednesday walks, Erin gets hit by pitch (foot) for 2 on and 1 out

Force changes pitchers after Ashlin is hit by pitch, bases loaded, 1out

New pitcher ends the inning with 2 K's but not before Wednesday scores

Haley and Legacy D let W-Force take the lead top of the 2nd, down 1-2

Aria gets the 1st basehit of the game but later will get out at home

Sophia gets a basehit after Maylee's FC, both will later score

Sophia scores on Wednesday's FC after Cherish moved her to 3rd

Erin, hoping to clear the bases, hits a line drive down 3rd base line

Cherish avoids being drilled by the foul ball

Erin makes contact again and sends a fly ball toward left field

The left fielder hustles to make a great catch and Cherish tags up

Cherish beats the throw putting Legacy up 4-2 and giving Erin the SAC RBI

Ashlin ROE, then Anastyn drives home Wednesday, Legacy up 5-2 after 2

Haley pitches the 3rd, giving up only 2 hits for 1 run

4th batter up hits a routine ground ball to Erin who throws her out

Maylee with her good arm tries to get the double play at 3rd

Runner slides in safe but Haley will get the next batter to strikeout

In the home 4th, Sophia drives home Aria for a 6-3 lead

Force take a 6-7 lead in the top of the 4th inning

Erin leads off the bottom 4th with a single that she beats out the throw

Erin is the tieing run and one more will win the elimination game

Erin scores & both Ashlin & Haley G walk, no outs, Haley K bats

A wild pitch has Ashlin running home to score the winning run

The pitcher illegally blocks the base path while trying to collect the ball

Ashlin reaches over her and touches home plate

The pitcher touches Ashlin's leg after she touches home plate

The umpire calls her out to the relief of the Woodlands Force

She looked safe and the pitcher blocked the base path . . . ? ? ?

Haley & Aria reach so Maylee bats with bases loaded and 1 out

She hits a weak grounder to the pitcher who tags out Haley G, now 2 outs

Sophia bats, needing a walk, HBP, hit or error to win the game . . . foul ball

With a full count, she takes an inside pitch for the walk and the win!!

But Blue rings her up instead?!?!   And we go into extra innings

Extra innings have a runner start at 2nd and Force score twice

Sophia starts at 2nd with Legacy needing 2 to tie and 3 to win

Sophia gets caught in a rundown after Cherish & Wednesday get out

Sophia is the last out with Erin batting if she does not get back to base

As Sophia avoids the tag at 3rd, the 3rd baseman makes a bad throw home

Sophia scores putting Legacy down by 1 with 2 outs and Erin up to bat

Coaches talk with their players after the rundown allowed Sophia to score

Erin hits a long fly ball out to center field . . .

The center fielder makes the catch and ends the game

The Woodlands Force celebrate their come from behind win & continuation

Erin, experiencing the agony of defeat, is comforted by Coach Vanessa

The teams shake hands post game, the Force will return Sunday morning

First ever 5 inning game, had to use a 2nd page, spliced it together here

Haley's strong pitching earns her the MVP award for Legacy

#10 announced as the Force MVP but we all know the umpire was true MVP

Final team pose of Legacy after 3 hard fought games at the State Tourney

Most of the team gathers at The Woodlands Chuys for food, fun, & fellowship

Little brothers had their own table far away from big sisters

The girls have plenty of time to discuss the future waiting on food

David celebrates the end of the season with Comida Deluxe & Reverse Dot

The Phillips clean up at the hotel before coming out & easily arrive on time

Most are taking the high school's stength & conditioning course thru July

Erin will finally take 2 months off from sports & avoid the summer heat

The coaches give a final pep talk and let the players know how proud they are

The team responds with a final:  "1 - 2 - 3 - LEGACY!"

7 teammates get together on June 25th for a pool party at Anastyn's house

Legacy players pose in front of the current Mayor of League City's house

It was a fun time and we got to know several new teammates

We all hope to make a splash at the high school level next year

L2R Top: *David, *Vanessa, Erin, Aria, Saniya, Anastyn, Maylee, Charlotte, Haley, Sophia, *Stephen; Bottom: Ashlin, Wednesday, Angelina, Cherish, Haley

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