Texas @ Kansas State - November 6th, 2010

View of Kansas countryside while driving I-70 from Abilene toward Manhattan

Pass Fort Riley driving northeast on State Highway 18

Go straight to the bar area southeast of campus

Kansas State has some out-of-state envy with a Longhorn Saloon in the middle of Aggieville

Too bad it does not open until 8pm

Head next door to The Purple Pig for some local fare

David is ready after wings, tacos & two 20oz beers

Head to the stadium to pick up the Will Call tickets

Bill Snyder has brought great success to KSU football

Get 2 tix from Will Call and try to sell our fourth

No dice, could have picked up 3 tix for free today

KSU fans can park 100 feet from their stadium!

Make the long trek up the stairs to the upper deck

Longhorns & Wildcats warmup as fans fill the stadium

Do the KSU circles lead to a gametime advantage?

Finish the stadium panarama on the Athletic Center

Dave & Brad are settled in among other Longhorn fans

Longhorns gather before heading back to the lockerroom

The K-State band takes the field and spells out KSU

It's Senior Day and Coach Snyder welcomes his Seniors

Longhorns exit the Lockerroom to take the field

Fans of both sides are excited as the teams enter the field

Longhorns elect to kickoff to start the game

K-State returns the ball 62yds to the UT 38

Two plays later, K-State strolls into the endzone

Wildcat mascot does his first 7 of 128 pushups tonight

Texas moves the ball from the UT28 to the KSU29

But a fake punt results in an 18yd loss, KSU ball

Texas brings a small band, playing far away from UT fans

KSU starts on the UT46 on their first 2nd quarter drive

KSU rushes for 22yds the final 2 plays & takes a 17-0 lead

A blown UT fake punt/KSU FG & UT INT/KSU TD one play later, Texas tries to score in their final 2nd qtr possession

Gilbert moves Texas to KSU 17 with 42 seconds left in the half, 2nd & 3 after a 7yd pass to Hales

High pass caught by Chiles out of bounds, now 4th & 3

Gilbert to Kirkendoll, 1st down on the KS11

UT's scoring threat ends with Gilbert's 3rd interception

Gilbert leads the team in offensive player tackles

Horns file into the lockerroom down 24-0 at halftime

KSU averages 6yds/carry running the ball on EVERY play

Gilbert INT on the FIRST play, then 2 plays later, KSU TD!

Wildcat mascot does 31 pushups 38secs into the 2nd half

After a 5th Gilbert INT then KSU punt later, Gilbert sails a 3rd & 6 pass over White

Brown checks on the roughed up KSU punter after a 2nd KSU possession extending personal foul

After the penalty, KSU gains 28yds on 2 rushes, now 37-0

K-State's extra point attempt is BLOCKED!

So they pick up the blocked ball & run it in for TWO!

Gilbert rushes for 31 yards to the KSU 8 in the 4th qtr

Cody Johnson punches it in for UT's first score

Tucker makes it UT 7 - KSU 39

Since there are no bathrooms in the upperdeck, the second trip down continues out of the stadium to beat the crowd out to Topeka. Texas makes two more stops, and scores on their 3rd & final 4th quarter possession with a Gilbert 1yd pass to Jones. The final score is K-State 39 - Texas 14.   Mack Brown has his first mid-season losing record while at UT.