Topeka, Capitol of Kansas - November 7th, 2010

David makes coffee at the Topeka Residence Inn

The Longhorns held KSU to only NINE passing yards!

Drive by Topeka's classic burger joint, Bobo's Drive-in

Continue past Topeka High School built in 1931

Visit the Kansas state capitol building

The Dave's pose with the grandest building in Topeka

Closeup of the Great Seal on the pilon in front

Construction began in 1885 and finished in 1922

The dome has Ad Astra pointing to the North Star

Kansas was named after the native Kanza Indians

It took pioneering women to settle Kansas

Up the steps to the front doors of the Capitol

The missing bricks symbolize my hunger for breakfast

Sorry, the Capitol is open for visitors Mon-Fri

The great columns and archway around the front doors

Another statue on the grounds under the fall foliage

Must be an important figure in the history of Kansas

Abraham Lincoln campaigned for Kansas to be a free state

Breakfast at the Hanover Pancake House

A Topeka favorite since 1969

David has the big breakfast burrito with coffee

Brad's corn beef hash w/eggs, hash browns & french toast

Dave's spinach mushroom omelette w/pumpkin pancakes

It is so good, you'll forget to fix your roof!