National WW1 Museum - November 7th, 2010

Visit the National World War I Museum in Kansas City

The Liberty Memorial Tower was dedicated Nov. 11,1926

President Calvin Coolidge delivered the dedication speech to 150,000 gathered people

The 80,000 ft museum, built underneath, opened Dec. 2006

2 of the 4 Guardian Spirits at the top, each 40ft tall

Dave at the reflecting pool for a museum entrance photo

The reflecting pool was added 2002-2003

View away from the entrance of the museum

Walk over the poppies to enter the museum

Start at 1914-1917, before America entered the war

Both sides believed the war would be short & decisive

Pickelhaube - Mit Gott für Koenig und Vaterland

L: German 15cm Model 1902     R: British 5in. Mark 1

Same heavy field howitzers from the back angle

Multinational rifles & pistols at the start of the war

Knives for a close & personal fight, not so for grenades

French 75mm Model 1897 on left with wheels

German 24.5cm Model 1616 heavy trench mortar on left

German trench warfare gear & supplies

Two German light machine guns MG08 (Maxim)

Sniper rifles from both sides, top is a British Lee-Enfield

TtoB: British Lewis, Vickers, Hotchkiss machine guns

TtoB: French Chauchat and Hotchkiss M1914 machine gun

Lugers - LtoR: Model 1908, Model 1914, & LP08

Austro-Hungarian 8cm Model 5/8 field gun

Five inch British naval deck gun

Brad reads of naval battles beyond the torpedo & mine

Airco D.H.2 pusher helped end the "Fokker Scourge"

Actual model made at Bremen in 1916 of U-104

Best Aces: German Richthofen = 80, French Fonck = 75

Below the Horizon Theater, halfway point of the museum

15min film on what led America to enter the war

Think this is a Nieuport 12, in American markings

Horses and wagon required for pulling a field into battle

US 3inch Model 1905 field gun w/model 1902 carriage

Gear the Army of Democracy brought over to the war

Banjo & "portable" phonograph player

American developed gear brought over to battle

More US Gear including trench shotguns & BAR's

T:German MG08/15, B:Chauchat rechambered to 30-06

Only US gun to see WW1 combat, 4.7inch Model 1906

US 24cm heavy trench mortar & French 37mm semiauto

French Renault FT 17 tank w/37mm gun

Shot in the rear when it was running away?

1917 Harley Davidson motorcycle, 20K sent "Over There"

"Crank It Up!" 1917 style on a wood cab Model T

German 7.7cm Model 1896 field gun

German 10.5cm Model 1916 light field howitzer

A final view of the 1917-1919 area before heading outside for a ride to the top of the tower

The Exhibit Hall served as the main museum gallery of the Liberty Memorial from 1926 to 2006

Twin Sphinxes flank the tower with wings covering their faces in mourning for the dead of past and future wars

The Memory Hall contains the names of Kansas Citians who died during World War I along with impressive murals

Four Guardian Spirits at the top are each 40ft tall

Find the elevator at the base of tower for the 217ft ride up

Panarama from the top of the Liberty Tower, looking Northwest beyond I-35 and W. Pennway street

Looking north toward downtown Kansas City over the fancy downtown KC Union Station

Looking northeast toward the hotels beyond Washington Square Park

Looking east north east past the Crowne Center and beyond Childrens Mercy Hospital & Hospital Hill

Looking straight down on Memory Hall beside the tower

Looking south at the Liberty Memorial Mall

Southeast view from the Liberty Memorial Tower

Southwest view over two actual baseball diamonds.   You can steal signs from the tower!

Westward view over the industry and traintracks

Further northwest view with airport tower off in the distance

Performing Arts Center under construction left background and Union Station with restaurants, shops, & exhibits