#15 Texas @ BYU - September 7th, 2013

Take Utah Transit Authority $9.80 roundtrip to the game

40 minute train ride from South Jordan station to Provo

Our 30 minute interval train arrives at 2:50pm

Ominous clouds appear around a hilltop wind farm

Really ugly clouds greet us at the Provo end of line

Intense microburst keeps us on the train back to S. Jordan

Food & drink at BWW, then back to Provo for the 2nd half

2nd hand ticket stubs from departing Horn fans get us in

Find our seats after Texas' last touchdown

BYU gets the ball back and marches 50 yds downfield

2 incomplete TD passes force a FG, BYU now up 37-21

Ash and Texas try to close the gap up a little more

Texas' best play is an Ash QB run, over and over

Ash will eventually get hurt in the 4th quarter

Coach Mack already dreading the press conference

Two incompletes to Shipley force another Texas punt

BYU runs the ball another 70yds toward the UT goal line

But Texas holds, forcing a FG, BYU now up 40-21

Diverse BYU cheerleaders celebrate the scoring drive

Stadium packed at end of 3rd even w/2 hour rain delay

Main pressbox & grandstand at Lavell Edwards Stadium

Texas fans are the only ones leaving this game

Modest Longhorn Band made the trip among UT fans

BYU's interesting final quarter onfield fan interaction

Texas has had no success at BYU's house, now twice

Already allowed the most rushing yards in Texas history

Texas gets to the BYU 29 but fails on 4th down

BYU gains another 50yds rushing then fumbles on the 28

McCoy in when Ash hurt after 2 straight rush attempts

Gray gets 4yds running the ball to the BYU 25

Pass intererence helps UT convert a 4th and 17

4 incompletions later, Texas hands the ball back to BYU

BYU gets 19 more rushing yards and punts

Case with 1 sec left after passing for 52yds in 2 plays

Final play has the pass batted away, game over!

BYU wins, but Texas has a 22pt improvement over 1988

Texas gives up 679 total yards and 550 rushing yards (98 more than prior worst defensive display ever)

Team stumbles to section of UT fans nearest the exit

Barely audible Eyes of Texas sung among joyous BYU fans

Head to bus to take us back to the train station

Find friend Richard at the train station back to SLC
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