Utah Capitol - September 6th, 2013

Visit Council Hall near the Utah Capitol grounds

Decicated in January 1866 over at First South & 120 East

The old City Hall was relocated here at Capitol Hill in 1961

Check out the blue painted buffalo

David poses in front of Council Hall

Directly across the street is the state of Utah's Capitol

Just in case you can't read the writing on the building

Halfmast flags for an officer who died in the line of duty

Monument to the Morman Battalion established in 1846

The only religion-based military unit in U. S. history

White Memorial Chapel 1980 reproduction of a 1883 chapel

Finally head toward the Capitol building

Now you are close enough to read the building

The Capitol was completed July 3, 1915

Bee Hives (the State Seal) garnish the doors leading inside

Massive arch + glass ceiling tiles = big & bright

Toward the chambers of the Utah state Supreme Court

Immigration & Settlement below, Brigham Young above

Land & Community;   Peter Skeene & trappers above

Arts & Education;   Father Escalante explores

Science & Technology;   Fremont maps Salt Lake

Cyclorama scenes of 19th century Utah below rotunda

Brigham Young led the Mormans to Utah in 1844

Bee hives grace the railing around the stair cases inside

Step outside to a 50mph wind and massive dust storm

The sky is quickly filling with sulphur smelling dust

Photography opportunities quickly end downtown

Later hear the local news call it "LS" or Lake Stink
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