Utah Snowbird Resort - September 7th, 2013

Taking Highway 210 east to the ski resorts

Our destination is the Snowbird Ski Resort

Enter the Wasatch National Forest on the way

Great view from the trailers

Find the Snowbird main building with aerial tram

We will check out Oktoberfest when we come back down

Wait for the aerial tram with $17 ticket in hand

The tram will climb 2900 feet in 10 minutes

Big crowd forces us to wait for the second car

Finally onboard with great view of where we were

Resort hotel is getting smaller

Now the mountain behind the resort is getting smaller

Entire resort can be seen through the viewfinder now

We crest the first mountain and continue toward the top

Reach the top, Hidden Peak at 11,000 feet

Depart the aerial tram zenith for photos

David with his game face at 11,000 feet

Consider taking the Peruvian Chair Ride back down

WinPhone panorama photo came out pretty good

Unused ski lift during the "summer" months

Sugarloaf Mountain looks way different in the winter

Clouds, mountains and valleys, so nice

Chicken out on the Peruvian Chair, might be too cold

Summer hike/bike trails lead down the mountain

Peruvian Chair lift is tiny compared to the mountain

Red tram car passes us as we descend

Crest the final ridge for our final descent

Others wearing shorts on the Peruvian Chair, . . . oops

See the other available rides a day pass would enable

The mountain coaster would have been fun to ride

Alpine Slide and Mountain Flyer over the same ground

Back on the ground and straight to the Oktoberfest

Decide on the Moab Brewery for beers still untried

Dave goes first, now what beer and what glass?

Six to choose from, we'll know half of them when we leave

David gets the 24oz mug of Porcupine Pilsener

Brad gets a 32oz stein of Rocket Bike Lager

Dave selects a 32oz stein of Dead Horse Amber Ale

I liked the german bird on the 24oz mug better

Brad and Dave have climbed many a mountain recently

On second thought, maybe I won't mix in a water

My most authentic German Oktoberfest ever

Nice Ferrari pulled up while we were up top

Valet right at the entrance if your ride is nice enough

Awesome clouds as we head back to the parking area

Time to get ready for the game and head to the train
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