Promontory, Utah - September 8th, 2013

Drive by the Hill Aerospace Museum between Salt Lake City & Ogden on the way to Promontory, Utah

Outdoor displays: F-89, F-4, C-124C, B1-B, CH-21C

Sadly, not enought time to stop and visit

See the Great Salt Lake off in the distance

Continue north on I-15 to Brigham City

Heading northwest on State Highway 83

Getting close once a left is taken onto 7200 N Road

A great place for two transnational railroads to meet!

Finally arrive at Golden Spike National Historic Site

Visitor Center completed on the centennial, 1969

Southern Pacific Monument marked the site since 1916

The monument was restored and moved here in 1965

Through the visitor center and out the door to see the golden spike site with replica locomotives

West bound Union Pacific No. 119

Original built in 1868 and scrapped in 1903 for $1000

East bound Central Pacific Jupiter

Original built in 1868 and scrapped about the same time

Park Ranger talks about the locomotives and the event

Flashy engines were rolling billboards for the companies

We show up just in time for an engine demonstration

No. 119 will back up, and cross tracks to the other line

No. 119 rides the line nearer the visitor center

Bell, whistle and chugging engine are quite authentic

No. 119 continues on to a safe stream release point

Back to the track cross and return to the original spot

Stand clear until it stops, steams, and locked in place

Engineer puts chains around drive wheels to park

Now safely approach the laurelwood tie

Original tie was lost in the 1906 San Francisco earthquake

Holes were drilled for the soft spikes to be tapped in

4 precious metal spikes were tapped in, then removed

Platforms in the back to view the engine compartments

Engine of Union Pacific No. 119

No. 119 burned coal to make steam

View of detail on the No. 119 and Jupiter in the distance

Colorful tender car for the 119

David poses with the Jupiter (red & blue!)

View of Jupiter's engine compartment

Jupiter burned wood at the time of the golden spike

Dave and Brad check out the trains, each with an engine viewing platform

View of the visitor center from behind the trains

Lucin Cutoff opened 1904 bypassing Promontory Summit

Original track was pulled up in 1942 for the war effort

Track was relaid in 1969 with stand-in trains on display

National Park Service ordered replica trains built in 1974

Replica trains were finished in 1979

Operations began on May 10, 1979, 110 years later

1869 era locomotive demonstrations have continued ever since, which is greatly appreciated

Inside the museum, building the grade and ties

Images and models of that day back in 1869

Original laurel tie was lost in the 1906 SF earthquake

Arizona iron-silver-gold spike (left) now in NYC
2nd gold spike (right) was lost in the 1906 SF earthquake

Last Spike (left) 17.6 carat gold now at Stanford U
Nevada silver spike (right) now at Stanford U.

Replica spike that flew on Atlantis STS-38
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