Home Improvement - July 2022

As the 2023 Summer drought continues, need to spruce up the yard

The city leveled the neighborhood sidewalks last year

The yard needs much more water than I have been supplying

So maybe water the yard and clean up the concrete at the same time

Have the sidewalks and driveway pressure washed and it looks better

The whiter concrete brings out the green in the thirsty yard

You can see the difference between the prior and the newly cleaned

Makes it easier to pull into the garage for sure!

Next on the home improvement plan . . . Rio!

Decide to send her to for professional training for a week

We will miss you greatly and hope you handle the training well

Good luck pup . . . see you on the other side

Remember that this is a 2-way street on being trained & maintaining it

Felix is quick to agree on sending Rio for training!   Yesterday!

Improve our homemade queso with HEB brisket queso makings!

Drei Bruder Wurst dashes my plans for my own family sausage company

Look for meal improvement ideas at Pappas Seafood

David always follows the more is MORE mantra

Tavern 1895 provides Fwood Historical Society food ideas: Kholrabi Crudo

Chef Chris butters us up with Grandma Hazel's rolls for a meal concept

Lamb Bianco w/burnt testarolo & garden pesto

Cherry Tomato Brodo is another Quaker recipe

Chef Chris will serve Iberico Coppa Steak at the Perry House w/FHS approval

Friendship Cake w/peaches helps seal the deal for a winter serving

Neighbors put their similar home on the market for $385K, patio's not why

Nena's 20 year microwave fails and replacements are hard to come by

Saloon Door has new beers to improve your taste pallet

Dad is not too excited about Natural Light's new venture

And for a complete accounting, we replaced the roof July 12-13

Replaced a 23 year old oven and fence (6 years old) in June

Replaced LED light ballasts in the kitchen and master bedroom April 8th

And replaced the 20 year old arbor with a new porch in January/February