KSC Visitor's Center - September 16th, 2007

KSC Visitor Center         Astronaut HOF         Launch Pads:   Mercury - Gemini - Apollo

Finally take the time and money ($40) to visit the . . .

KSC's Visitor Center and the famed Rocket Garden

Behold, two Atlas rockets in the rocket garden

Missing Titan II ICBM put Gemini capsules into orbit

Kids can get a feel for the room in a Gemini capsule

Mercury Atlas put John Glenn into orbit on 2/20/62

Don't even bother trying to squeeze into
a tiny one-man Mercury capsule

Mercury Redstone put the first American,
Alan Shepard, into space on May 5, 1961

Atlas-Agena sent 8 Rangers to the moon starting
in 1962 to find landing sites for Apollo

1962 Delta Telstar telecomm SAT for RealTime TV signals

Juno 1 put the Explorer I satellite into orbit on 1/31/58

Juno II sent Pioneer 4 past the moon on 3/3/59

Saturn 1B launched unmanned Apollo 5 and . . .

3-man Apollo 7 plus 3 separate Skylab crews to orbit

Kids are invited to try out the comfy capsule

Closed off test capsule for your viewing pleasure

Saturn V had 5 J-2s on 2nd stage & 1 on 3rd stage

Five F-1 engines powered the Saturn V's 1st stage

Eight H-1 engines powered Saturn 1B's 1st stage

Take a walk for a complete shot of the Saturn 1B

And another shot of the rocket garden uprights

Not another annoying Comcast Cable TV commercial!

Robot scouts are trailblazers for human exploration

Starquester 2000 introduces us to his way off friends

Viking, Pioneer & Magellan all report home for us

The scout's data will help build the future Mars base

Over to the reflecting pond by the Space Mirror

Natural light is reflected into the back of the mirror

The Space Mirror Memorial was designated a national
memorial by Congress and President Bush

The black granite monument is 42.5 feet high
and 50 feet wide

The Astronaut Memorial honors the 24 Astronauts

. . . who gave their lives for space exploration

Paid for by Florida residents who purchased special
Challenger mission automobile license plates

Rocket park's Saturn 1B appears beyond the pond
and past the double IMAX theater on the left

The memorial is dedicated to those who believe
the conquest of space is worth the risk of life

Challenger top, Apollo 1 middle, and the other
astronauts who have given their lives for the
cause of conquering new frontiers

Sadly, Columbia astronauts were added in 2003

Impressive brass relief of fallen astronauts

Over to the shuttle and SRB stack mockup

Life sized twin SRBs and External Tank mockup

Shuttle Rocket Boosters push the shuttle off the pad

Look out!   They are coming to life!

Nope, it is just a massive brush burnoff

Smoke is visible beyond the External Tank

Head back towards the shuttle mockup

Explorer has two levels to investigate

No cameras in the Shuttle Launch Experience

Got a headache from the Shuttle Launch Experience

Hope the Explorer is a little less dynamic

View of the flight deck from under an A/C vent!

Checked out the Intelsat in the payload bay

Over to Exploration in the New Millennium

An actual Mars meteorite has been rubbed smooth

Viking landed on Mars in 1976 and operated 6 years

Hubble Space Telescope mockup

Cassini-Huygens sent to Saturn in October, 1997

Space family symbolizes the future of exploration

Final look at Exploration in the New Millennium

Brush burnoff smoke fills the skies beyond the cafe

Sycamore planted from seeds taken on Apollo 14

Final view of Rocket Park upon departing the Center

Ash and soot cover the rent car in the parking lot