Launch Complex 34 - September 16th, 2007

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Saturn 1B launch pedestal and little more remains

Monument to Apollo 1 astronauts who perished here

LC34 was dedicated on June 5, 1961

Blast deflectors with LC20 in the background

Service structure rolled along twin railroad tracks

Ruins of the umbilical tower's support structure

Exhaust water suppression pipework remains
upon the Saturn 1 & 1B launch pad

4 unmanned Saturn I's, 2 unmanned Saturn 1B's &
Apollo 7 were the only launches from this site

Historical Photos of Launch Complex 14

Saturn I on pedastal beside 240 ft umbilical tower

310 ft mobile structure moved 600ft west for launches

Apollo 7 was the only manned launch from LC34

Saturn 1B/Apollo 7 was launched on Oct 11, 1968