Launch Complex 14 - September 16th, 2007

KSC Visitor Center         Astronaut HOF         Launch Pads:   Mercury - Gemini - Apollo

LC14 was built for Atlas launches and supported 4
manned missions, including the first launch of an
American into orbit, John Glenn on 2/20/1962

1st American to travel around the planet, John Glenn

Under the Mercury Monument slab is a
time capsule to be opened in 2464.

Relief honoring the seven original Mercury astronauts

Gate and guard house at LC14 with reserved
parking for the four Mercury/Atlas Astronauts:
Glenn, Carpenter, Schirra, & Cooper

The "Free World's First ICBM" was an
Atlas-B missile launched 11/28/58

Astronauts boarded the capsule from this stand

The mobile service structure was razed in 1976

Rocket blast was deflected toward the concrete

Ready building & blockhouse w/Gate in between

Propellant transfer building under the ramp

Fence prevents closer inspection of the ramp

Ramp leading up to the LC14 launch stand.   The
mobile service structure at the top was razed in 1976

Historical Photos of Launch Complex 14

Then final manned flight from LC14 is prepared for launch with Faith 7 atop the Atlas rocket

Gordon Cooper will ride the last Mercury

Faith 7 launched on 5/15/63

The Mercury Monument was dedicated in 1964

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