Launch Complex 19 - September 16th, 2007

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LC19 was the site of 12 Gemini missions (10 manned)

The road to the pad is overgrown with brush

View of the pad with rotting horizontal erector

Side view of flame bucket

Head on view of flame bucket, catching the blast

Walking around to the other side of the pad

View towards the direction of the blast

Discover a sturdy concrete stairway

A peek inside to new walls and paint

40 years of island weather does alot of damage

The Theodolite building tracked the launch
vehicle and determined its altitude

Looking down the erector to the supports
used to bolt the Titan rocket to the pad

Top view of rusted erector from a safe distance

Downward view of water and rocket blast area

Historical Photos of Launch Complex 14

The service erector is dropped to the horizontal position for launch

Umbilical tower to the right and flame bucket
below the Titan/Gemini Rocket

The final Gemini mission launches on 11/11/68

. . . carrying Lovell & Aldrin aboard Gemini XII