Fort Crockett on the Sea Wall - April 2nd, 2011

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Two Regiments of the US Army Coast Artillery were headquartered at Fort Crockett, and manned four major artillery batteries, each supporting a different type of artillery. Though installed over several decades, the different guns were selected to provide both long-range and rapid-fire support. Batteries Izard, Hampton, and Laval were built during Endicott Period (1890-1910). Battery Hoskins was built post WWI and the casemate bunker was added during WWII. Izard, Hampton, Laval are all now part of the Seawall but Battery Laval is still visible.

The remains of Fort Crockett is found along Seawall Blvd. starting at the San Luis Hotel

Casemate bunker added during WWII to Battery Hoskins

Approaching the left gun entrance from parking garage

Left side bunker is sealed off with cinderblocks

Circle around to the right-side bunker entrance

The right side bunker is used for storage

View of right side 12-inch (305mm) gun emplacement

A heli-pad is cordoned off at the right emplacement

View from hotel driveway of left 12-inch gun emplacement

Cross Seawall Blvd and look toward Battery Laval

The 1900 Storm memorial statue is near Battery Laval

Holly & Andy pose with the 1900 Storm statue

One of the 3-inch (76mm) gun emplacements on Laval

Right side 3-inch (76mm) gun Battery Laval emplacement

View of top of Laval looking back toward Hoskins

Climb off Laval to climb down below it

View of Battery Laval from the beach

Check out the barracks on Fort Crockett Blvd

Fort Crockett Post Exchange

The officers quarters are fenced off from the public

The commanding officer's housing is looking tired

View of the remaining officers quarters from over the fence

April 2nd view of the entire pier under reconstruction to become a Fertitta carnival pier

Closer view of the demise of the Flagship Hotel