Fort Travis at Port Bolivar - April 2nd, 2011

Galveston Battery Tour: Crocket San Jacinto Ferry Ride Travis

Coast Artillery was stationed at Fort Travis, located at Bolivar Point, commanding the northern side of the entrance to Galveston Bay. Batteries Davis & Ernst were built during the Endicott Period (1890-1910). Battery Kimble was built after WWI (same as Fort Crockett's Battery Hoskins) and Battery #236 was built during WWII.

Fort Travis is a short drive from the Bolivar ferry

The battery is now known as Fort Travis Seashore Park

Approach the 90 year old Battery Kimble

The three older battery structures are fenced off

Look inside the bars at Battery Kimble rear entrances

Left pad for a 12-inch (305mm) gun at Battery Kimble

Battery #236 beyond Kimble's 12-inch gun pad

Fort Crockett's Battery Hoskins looked like this before WWII

Approach a pillbox along the shoreline

Holly and Andy are prepared to defend the beach

David hoping to find Mucinex D inside the pillbox

View down the Seawall toward Battery Davis

Look inside the bars at Battery Davis

Left side 8-inch (203mm) gun emplacment of Battery Davis

Davis' right side 8-inch (203mm) gun emplacement

Complete the passby around Battery Davis

The Seawall is too high for a beachview of Davis

Step back for a complete view of Battery Davis fenced off for the safety of park patrons

Now head to the corner toward fenced off Battery Ernst

Left side 3-inch (76mm) gun emplacement of Battery Ernst

Ernst's right side 3-inch (76mm) gun emplacement

Try to get a total emplacement shot within the bars

Seawall ends and fishing begins at Battery Ernst

Spotting station behind Battery Ernst?

The spotting station makes for a nice high platform to take a photo of the fenced in Battery Ernst

Head back to the car toward the WWII built Battery #236

#236 was to have two 6-inch rapid fire guns

The guns never arrived, the battery was never armed

Cold air blows out of the sealed side entrance doors

There is power and a meter at the rear entry of #236

Ventilation area left of the rear entry doors

Circle around back to the second 6-inch gun pad

I don't think #236 and #235 looked anything alike

At least #235 got its guns, this battery did not