Galveston's Fort San Jacinto - April 2nd, 2011

Galveston Battery Tour: Crocket San Jacinto Ferry Ride Travis

Coast Artillery companies were stationed at Fort San Jacinto, located on the north-east tip of Galveston Island, commanding the southern portion of the entrance to Galveston Bay. Four batteries were built during the Endicott Period (1890-1910): Mercer, Hogan, Croghan, & Heileman. Two batteries were added during WWII: #235 & Anti Torpedo Motor Boat (ATMB). Battery Heileman is no more & Hogan is beyond view in the channel dredgings.

Fort San Jacinto is east of the Galveston Ferry Landing

Right at the parking lot, only the ATMB foundation remains

Many fisherman along shoreline toward Battery Croghan

Walk along the shoreline searching for Battery Croghan

Find a structure several hundred yards along the beach

The abandoned concrete bunker known as Croghan

Get past the strewn rocks and tall weeds

Climb up to see the foundations for the 3-inch guns

Cross to the second 3-inch (76mm) gun foundation

Circle around up top to see the rest of the structure

Time to venture inside the 100 year old structure

The first room is strewn with garbage & graffiti

The second room is a more recent Hobo Hilton

Forgotten & burned out camping equipment is everywhere

Interesting tunnel outside with too much trash to bother

A tiny ferry crosses the ship channel from the left

Holly takes a break before the walk back to the car

Rightside gun emplacement with the ship channel beyond

Back to the parking lot with the ATMB foundation

The muck is too thick so only view of Battery Mercer

Find a pathway among the muck to WWII Battery #235

Although it looks stable, that cracked mud is NOT!

Pull my shoe out of the muck and climb on top #235

Just a concrete platform clear of all but one column

Two 6-inch (152mm) guns were stationed on this slab

Best shot of the channel dredgings filled entryway

Battery #235 has a fabulous view of downtown Galveston