Hoover Birthplace & Presidential Library

Visit Herbert Hoover's Birthplace in West Branch, IA

Bert's birthplace cottage was built in 1871

Bert was born in 1874 and the house was sold in 1878

The President purchased it in 1935 and had it restored

The kitchen is separate from the house

Back of the house while walking to the blacksmith shop

Look inside the two room blacksmith shop

The furnace room is where the metal working is done

Walk toward the one room school house built in 1853

The main school for West Branch when Hoover was a boy

Quakers believed strongly in educating girls & boys

Dave walks to see if the C.E. Smith house is open

View down Downey Street in West Branch Historic District

Leech and Varney House opposite the Smith house

Pass a statue of Isis walking to the Presidential Library

Isis was a gift from Belgium for Hoover's help after WWI

The Herbert Hoover Presidential Library

Walk across the beautiful grounds to the grave site

Chestnut, hickory, & black walnut trees ring the gravesite

Herbert (1874-1964) and Lou Henry (1874-1944) Hoover

Plain ledger stones keep w/the Quaker ideal of simplicity

Hoover is buried within site of his birthplace

And within site of the golden arches, wait, come back Dave

Bert semt to Oregon after both his M&D died by 1884

He went to Stanford and saved these football tickets

Graduated in 1895 & went to work in Australia in 1897

He married Lou Henry, whom he met at Stanford, in 1899

He & Lou moved to China & survived the Boxer Rebellion

Hoover organized the relief effort for Belgium during WWI

Belgians sent Hoover embroidered flour sacks in thanks

Wilson appointed Hoover head of US Food Admin in WWI

Belgian skill with lace provided exports post war

The world sent thanks for both post war food drives

Hoover was head of American Relief Administration which fed 17 million people in 21 countries

Hoover was the first president to watch reality TV in office
His excuse was that there was only one channel

Hoover's promotion of the standardization of products and designs increased efficiency in business and industry

Parentless at 10, Hoover's Children's Charter advocated protection of all children regardless of race or gender

Hoover was appointed Secretary of Commerce under Harding, a reward for his support

Coolidge frowned on Hoover's activist approach and derided him as The Wonder Boy

Hoover was the Secretary of Commerce and the Undersecretary of everything else

Radio Act of 1927- allowed the government to abolish radio stations that were deemed "non-useful" to the public

Roosevelt tried to have Hoover Dam renamed Boulder Dam, but was made permanent in 1947

Hoover campaigned for efficiency and prosperity & supported prohibition.   Al Smith was a "wet"

Democratic Party splits over religion and Prohibition, guaranteed Hoover's landslide victory with 58% of the vote

Hoover's 1st months were a whirlwind of reform: expanding civil service & adding national parks

Shrinking agricultural incomes due to overproduction

And high risk US financial sector & frail world economy

Led to ¼ of the US workforce being unemployed by 1932 Unemployed: 1M-1929, 4M-1930, 8M-1931, 12M-1932

Massive unemployment, tax increases, & MacArthur's attack on the squating Bonus Army doomed a 2nd term

Hoover had 2 sons, Herbert Jr. (27) and Allan (21) when he was elected president in 1928

Lou Hoover was a Girl Scout her last 25 years & led the first GS cookie drive in 1935

In the last week of his term, Hoover got no reassurance from FDR that he would defend the gold standard

Truman sent Hoover (1946) to 38 nations to beg & borrow enough food to avert mass starvation of WWII victims

In 1949 Hoover's long passage through political purgatory was at last coming to an end

Asked how he had survived the long years of ostracism coinciding with Franklin Roosevelt's New Deal, Hoover said simply, "I outlived the bastards."

Hoover lived in suite 31-A of New York's elegant Waldorf Towers from Dec. 1940 until his death

Hoover was happiest in the woods and published "Fishing for Fun and To Wash Your Soul" a year before his death
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