Sites and Scenes of Iowa - Sep/Oct 2011

Drive past the corn fields on the way to Des Moines

Stay at Holiday Inn Express on the Drake U. campus

Campus church tolls its bells on Saturday morning

David in coat & Brad in shorts ready for adventure

Saturday morning breakfast at Drake Diner next door

Sausage, mushroom, cheese omelette w/hashbrowns

Drive past the corn fields on the way to Iowa City

Pass some sheep enjoying a good airing out

The Rest Stops are really nice in Iowa

Corn fields beside the closed Riverside Beef Jerky store

More corn heading back to Des Moines after Hoover & Kirk

Stop in Grinnell for late lunch at Taco John's

Our Wicked Combo was better than Taco Bell

Beer at Fong's Pizza in Des Moines after the UT/ISU game

Each enjoy the Red Rambler from Peace Tree Brewery

We each order a foo foo drink hoping to keep the glass

David enjoys his $7 Beach Comber drink

Brad has a $7 Angry Pirate drink

Dave orders the $9 burnt orange Tikinator

It is good, the wife will enjoy the glass at home

Loved it!   What?   We can't keep the glasses?

Sunday morning tour of Drake University campus

The church is really tolling the bells on a sunday morning

Doesn't every school has a Library Cafe/Bar?

Interesting old building with many antenna on the roof

Nice ornate Catholic Church in Des Moines

Waveland Cafe has the best breakfast and Caucus HQ

Brad will vote early in the Iowa Caucus today!

Another killer omelette with toast and coffee!

Head south to Winterset after visiting the Capitol

Farming equipment abounds in Iowa!

The old courthouse is being restored in Winterset

Front view of the courthouse obscured by trees

Visit the John Wayne's birthplace home

Marion Morrison was born here on May 26, 1907

The family moved to California in 1911 for dad's health

Gift shop had plenty of John Wayne memorabilia for sale

No photos inside but here is the home from the back yard

The house is full of photos & items from JW's movies

John Wayne statue faces main street & the court house

Noon time sun shines down on Winterset's favorite son

Young fella, if you're lookin' for trouble I'll accommodate ya

Heading west back toward Nebraska

Drive through a Wind Energy Zone along I-80

Iowa is 2nd to Texas in wind power electricity generation

Head north on Hi-173 & pass farms on the way to Elk Horn

Guess what?   They grow corn in this part of Iowa!

Cattle in Iowa enjoy the shade like those in Texas

Danish Windmill, built in 1848, shipped to Elk Horn in 1975

Find a tiny church outside the Danish Immigrant Museum

The Morning Star Chapel was built in 1951

The 6x8 foot church was donated to the Museum in 1995

Dave poses by the church to give it some perspective

David has proof he "went" to church today

Morning Star's cavernous sanctuary

Excellent way to ensure a small wedding party

Dave reads the church story after a Danish Welcome

Charles Walensky built it at the age of 83 and died at 91

David starts the service for a half full house

Then he sits in a rear pew, even with only 2 rows

Dave finishes with a quick prayer for a safe trip home

Skip the Danish Immigrant Museum, our flight home awaits

Finally take a front and back shot of the rent car

We will travel 827 miles in our 2012 Chevy Cruze this trip
NEB SAC Capitols MvF Hoover Kirk UT/ISU IOWA