Sites and Scenes of Nebraska - Sep/Oct 2011

Finally leave our IAH B Terminal gate an hour late

Another United Embraer RJ1415 waits for departure

Fly over a covered parking lot after takeoff

Nice view of Intercontinental Airport on our way north

Descending outside of Omaha, Nebraska

Pass by downtown Omaha as we approach the airport

Railstation outside of Omaha

As we land, see a sideways swinging metal bridge

The drive to Lincoln passes by many corn fields

Well no wonder, there is Cornhusker stadium

The Cornhuskers are off enjoying their first Big 10 game versus Wisconsin today

Stop at King Kong for a light snack outside of Lincoln

Get a grilled steak, onion, pepper, & mushroom sandwich

See Rosenblatt Stadium in Omaha before it is torn down

Grain silos are painted up real nice as we head into Iowa

Sunday meal after dropping off Dave for his 4pm flight

Cheese Runza Combo for $5 (White Castle on hotdog bun)

Check out the Gerald Ford birthplace memorial in Omaha

Ford's birthplace home was razed following a fire in 1971

The property was purchased in 1974 to be a memorial

Leslie King Jr. moved to Michigan a year later with mom

His new stepdad adopted him & renamed Gerald R. Ford

Nebraska became the 37th state March 1st, 1867

Gerald Ford visited the memorial in July, 1980

Betty Ford dedicated the garden to Omaha the same day

Betty Ford's roses planted in the circle

Very colorful at the beginning of fall

Nebraska governors over the last 50 years

51 Omaha Mayors since 1857 when Omaha was settled

What the King house looked like back in 1913

David snaps a photo of the president's travel golf bag

New College World Series stadium in route to the airport

Ameritrade Park doesn't have the same zest as Rosenblatt

So they did name the airport after my coworker?!

Our ride home arrives, but with no Houston bound pilot

United comps our meal, two Godfather's single pizzas each

And we get a complimentary night in a downtown hotel

The Magnolia is a very nice hotel built in the 1920's

Up at 4am for a 545am flight and sunrise along the way

IAH in the foreground and downtown Houston background

High School parking lot is full at 745am

Took a Canadair CRJ700 home, roomier than an Embraer
NEB SAC Capitols MvF Hoover Kirk UT/ISU IOWA