Texas vs. Iowa State - October 1st, 2011

Halfway done with the mile walk to the stadium

Where is the Texas Will Call, or a friendly scalper?

Pay $70 for a $65 ticket & sit on the 45 in the upper deck

The sun is right in our face at 530pm

ISU has a nice jumbotron for stats and playback

The band spells ISU out for the students

But only alumni get a right side Cyclones

Both teams prepare to enter the field

Texas goes first while the ISU smoke machine fires up

The Cyclones take the field through the smog

Player's families cheer their sons onto the field

The stands are packed for ISU's biggest game in years

Texas kicks off to Iowa State who goes 3 and out & punts

Texas fails on 4th, then ISU fumbles, Monroe to the ISU 12

Tucker kicks 33yds for 3 after McCoy's sack on 3rd & 7

ISU fumbles the kickoff, McCoy to Shipley for 5 on the 22

Whittaker's 16yd rush for TD, makes it Texas 10, ISU 0

ISU's Reeves tries to make it a fumble recover but no dice

Gideon INTs Jantz's next pass and takes it to the ISU 17

Overthrown pass but flag on the play gives a 5yd penalty

McCoy pass to Davis incomplete on 2nd & 11

3rd & 11 from McCoy to D.J. Grant is incomplete, FG: 13-0

ISU gets a 1st down on a holding penalty on 3rd & 1

1st qtr ends with ISU on the Texas 25 and a first down

QB Jantz gets the 1st down w/a 5yd run to the Texas 12

Jantz pass incomplete to Darks on 3rd & 9

Guyer's 29yd FG is MISSED!   Score Texas 13, ISU 0

6 plays later, Ash to Davis - 48yd TD pass, extra point: 20-0

Ash to Grant pass incomplete on 3rd & 17

Long ISU run negated by holding, punt blocked for TD

Next UT possession ends w/40yd Ash to Shipley TD pass

ISU drives from their 42 to the Texas 13 w/20 secs left

But Gideon sacks Jantz and Texas gets the ball

Texas takes a knee and goes to the locker room up 34-0

Longhorn band sits so stadium can belt out rap music

Longhorns take the field for the second half

ISU cheerleaders lead the team out on the field

Cyclones take the field in the second half

ISU kicks off to Texas to start the second half

Brown rushes for 9yds on Texas' 1st possession

I sneak off and get a coke and corndog

1st & 10 on the ISU 21, McCoy incomplete to Whittaker

McCoy rushes for 3yds but needed 6 on 3rd down

Tucker misses a 31yd FG, score still Texas 34-0

White's 40yd TD run called back due to holding

Steele 4yd pass to Lenz for 1st down on the Texas 29

Darks pushes off for a TD called back on pass interference

ISU fails on 4th, then 3rd qtr ends w/Wabash Cannonball

ISU goes for it on 4th & 1, Jantz scrambles

Jantz finds White for 14yds & 1st down on ISU 49

ISU goes for it on 4th & 6 on the Texas 47

And Texas pass interference gives ISU the 1st down

Jantz pass to Darks is incomplete on 1st down

White rushes 8yds to the Texas 2 on 1st down

White punches it in next play for ISU first score

White ran over a lineman on the way across the goal line

ISU fans celebrate the score, Texas up 34-7

After UT 3 & out, ISU goes for it, 4th & 10 on their own 36

ISU's 4th down fails, ISU player hurt on Texas' 1st play

Johnson just had a strained neck but carted off for safety

Tucker's 29yd FG is good, Texas up 37-7

Texas cheerleader waves the flag after the score

ISU drives from their 37 to the Texas 18, then a TD pass

Jantz to Young 18yd TD pass & extra point make it 37-14

ISU cheerleaders run the Cyclones flags after the score

The pom squad also celebrate the score

Texas runs out the clock with 2 rushing 1st downs

The game ends and the two teams meet to shake hands

Most of the fans have already left for the exits

The team goes to the visitor section for The Eyes of Texas

David sees his 150th game, 105th win, & 29th road win

Stadium named for ISU's 1st black player who died in 1923
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