Strategic Air & Space Museum - Ashland, NE

Behold the Strategic Air Command Air & Space Museum

Thor IRBM and Blue Scout SLV-1B rockets outside

Atlas-D ICBM, also used to launch Mercury capsules

Find an Lockheed SR-71A Blackbird at the entrance

Of 32 total aircraft, S/N 61-7964 built 1966, retired 1990

Huge hanger has FB-111, HU-16, RF-4C, B-58, & B-47

Continue with a B-17, B-52, B-36, & U-2 (above)

And in the back, a B-36, F-101, T-33, F-86H

U-2C long range, high altitude strategic reconnaissance

B-36J with Lockheed T-33A S/N 61-7964 above

A "tiny" A-26B in front of the massive B-36J

North American F-86H, S/N 53-1375, Sabre, 1955-1970

3 turning, 2 burning engines of General Dynamics B-36

Republic F-84F, S/N 51-1714, Thunderstreak, 1954-1971

B-25 with side removed to view inside the fuselage

North American B-25N, S/N 44-30363, Mitchell, 1945-1959

Engine for B-36J S/N 52-2217A

One of four remaining B-36 Peacemakers on display

Mark-17 Hydrogen Bomb that only the B-36 could deliver

David gives dimension to the B-36J landing gear

One of two McDonnell XF-85, S/N 46-0524, Goblin (parasite)

B-36J Strategic Intercontinental Bomber pusher props

The B-36 was the largest production aircraft ever built

The B-36J "Magnesium Monster" was built in 1953

North American B-45C(NRB), S/N 48-0017, Tornado

RB-45 jet reconnaissance twin engine pod, 1950-1971

Martin B-57E, S/N 55-4244, Intruder

B-57E engine in front of B-36J engines

Look down into the B-57E cockpit

B-57E high-altitude, radar reconnaissance, 1956-1969

B-52 tail gunners shot down two MiG-21s in 1972

B-52 landing gear can handle 488,000 pounds

B-52 payload bay can carry 70,000 pounds of bombs

Boeing B-52B(RB), S/N 52-8711, Stratofortress

B-52 engines happy to be indoors!

B-52 production ended in 1962

This B-52B was built in 1955 & retired to SAC in 1965

B-47, the first swept-wing, jet-propelled bomber

B-47 engine and wing landing gear

Boeing (Douglas) B-47E, S/N 52-1412, Stratojet

B-47E was delivered in 1955 and retired in 1964

Convair B-58A, S/N 61-2059 "Hustler"

B-58 is a high altitude supersonic nuclear bomber

Soviet SAMs severely limited its range & strategic value

This B-58A first flew in 1960, retired 1970

McDonnell Douglas RF-4C Phantom II reconnaissance A/C

S/N 65-0903 built 1966, retired 1993, SAC 2007

Grumman HU-16B, S/N 51-0006, Albatross

This HU-16 built in 1951 and retired to SAC in 1970

General Dynamics FB-111A, S/N 68-0267 "Aardvark"

This FB-111 was built in 1970 and retired to SAC in 1991

Boeing (Douglas) B-17P, S/N 44-83559, Flying Fortress

This B-17 was modified to become a drone in 1950 (P)

This B-17G built in 1945, retired 1958, SAC in 1959

McDonald F-101B, S/N 59-0462, VooDoo, 1960-1970

Douglas A-26B, S/N 44-34665 "Invader", 1945-1969

Lockheed U-2C, "Dragon Lady” S/N 56-6701

U-2As flew in 1960, this U-2C retired to SAC in 1982

Pass the SR-71 centerpiece on the way to the other hanger

Fairchild C-119G, S/N 51-8024L, “Flying Boxcar”

2nd hanger has KC-97, CH-21B, H-19B, & C-119

This C-119 first flew in 1944, retired to SAC in 1970

C-119 production ended in 1955, used in Berlin Airlift

Originally built as fast, mobile, cargo-carrying C-82A

Sikorsky H-19B, S/N 53-4426, Chickasaw "Whirlwind"

Piasecki H-21B(CH), S/N 52-8676, "Workhorse", flew in 1945

Rockwell International B-1A, S/N 76-174, “Lancer”

This B-1A first flew in 1979, retired 1986, sent to SAC 2003

Looks like the company plane just past the B-1

Last of only four B-1As, there are 100 B-1Bs

North American T-39A, S/N 62-4487, “Sabreliner”

C-47A, S/N 43-48098, Skytrain, Douglas Aircraft

Made in OKC in 1944, sent to the musuem in 1969

Convair F-102 Delta Dagger, S/N 54-1405

Avro Hawker Siddeley Mk II “Vulcan”, S/N XM573

Vulcan built 1963, retired 1982, one of 4 displayed in US

CH-21B hangs over a KC-97 (B-29 made as a tanker)

Boeing KC-97G, S/N 53-0198, “Stratofreighter”

This KC-97 was built in 1955, retired in 1964

KC-97's flying boom to refuel B-47 bombers

Apollo CSM-009 capsule launched 2/26/66 on Saturn 1B

X-38 Crew Return Vehicle on loan from JSC

Bell B-29(TB), S/N 44-84076, Super Fortress refurbished

Convair T-29A flying classroom in refurbishment

Above view of T-29A and B-29 in the restoration gallery

Exit to the Atlas/Thor/Blue Scout lineup

Our pilot readies his 2012 Chevy Cruze for departure

Time to saddle up and roll beside the corn
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