US Air Force Space & Missile Museum
May 2nd, 2005
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Find an old bunker while searching for the museum

The Cape Canaveral Light House

David photos the lighthouse landmark marker

So does Cathy along with Lisa and Jon

Finally find the Space & Missile Museum

Site of the first successful US satellite launch

The complex hosted 26 launches through 1963

Bleeding edge technology 45 years ago

Addition and subtraction capable calculator

View of Pad B through six inch glass

View of Pad A where Explorer 1 launched in 1958

Gordo, Able & Ms. Baker launched from LC 26

26 successful launches out of 14 on Pad A . . .

. . . and 22 attempts on Pad B means 10 failures

Lisa, David, and Cathy learn some space history

We head over to Launch Complex 5/6

Pad 6's Jupiter rocket under repair since hurricane

Pad 5 features a Mercury Redstone rocket

LC 5/6 put Alan Shepard and Gus Grissom, . . .

. . . America's first astronauts, into suborbital flight

David mans the firehose for the next launch

The oldest gantry resides in rocket park
beyond a Corporal and a Bomarc rocket

Bomarc rocket

Mercury, Apollo, and Gemini Boilerplate capsules

Polaris A3 & LC 19 White Room beyond the Gemini
boilerplate.   Active LC 17 for Delta 2/3 far right

Polaris A1, green Pershing 2, and Jupiter far right

Redstone left and Nike Hercules points to LC 17

Tall Thor Able and small green Lacrosse rocket

Red Firebee 2 with Quail, Sparrow 1, & Firebird

Minuteman 1 with a Mace B in the background

Hound Dog A rocket closeup

Coworkers await at the LC 26 blockhouse
going vab opf pad museum class rpsf assembly marine disassembly back