Vertical Assembly Building (VAB)
May 2nd, 2005
going vab opf pad museum class rpsf assembly marine disassembly back

The VAB is the heart of operations at LC-39
It was originally built to assemble the huge Saturn
launch vehicles for the Apollo Program

Repairs to the hurricane damage is still underway

The VAB is one of the largest buildings in the world.
It has a volume of 129,428,000 cubic ft.   Only the
Boeing 747 facility in Washington state is larger

The high bay area is 525 feet high

Movable work platforms fit the configuration
of the Shuttle, SRBs and External Tank

A simple chain keeps you from dropping 500 feet

Cathy needs more than a chain at this height
and Jon has his camera, just in case

The other high bay has two SRBs underway

Each SRB is held to the Pad with four bolts

One of eight bolts that hold the Shuttle on the pad

The SRBs are stacked on the Mobile
Launcher Platform (MLP)

The External Tank will be integrated next
followed by the shuttle Atlantis

View of the Crawlerway leading from the VAB to
Launch Complex 39A from atop the MLP

Launch Control Center (LCC) is right beside the VAB

The operations overview crew pose with the stack

Better view of the SRB is bolted to the MLP

Aft booster separation motors on the aft skirt

Only one SRB has the forward sections attached

Lisa and Jon photo the SRB from across the bay

Mighty high yet again, hold onto your glasses

The Crawler Transporter rolls under the MLP,
lifts it, and then takes it out to the pad

Our Mazda 6 Wagon out in front of the VAB

The famous countdown clock near the VAB

External Tank Barge docked near the VAB

The barge shuttles external tanks from Louisiana

Big clock with a launch pad off in the distance

Hope to see some zeroes on that clock by mid July!

going vab opf pad museum class rpsf assembly marine disassembly back