Rotation Processing Surge Facility (RPSF)
May 6th, 2005
going vab opf pad museum class rpsf assembly marine disassembly back

RPSF receives new and reloaded SRB segments
shipped by rail from Utah and integrates them with
aft skirts received from the Assembly
and Refurbishment Facility (ARF)

The main facility is used for solid rocket
motor receiving, rotation and inspection

Solid Rocket Motor railcar shipping container

Solid Rocket Motor exit cone on a rolling platform

Aft booster buildup workstand with an SRB

Top of a SRB aft segment

With the 2 month flight delay of STS-114, these
two SRBs may be shipped back to Utah

Jon poses with them just in case they are used

Closeup of an SRB o-ring which joins the segments

Testing the crane today on the large water tank

Components are lifted off railroad cars by the crane

Down a level where sections are integrated

Stiffners are added to give strength for splashdown

Segments are kept at Utah humidity levels

David is impressed with the amount of bolts

The stiffners require a lot of bolts!

Thrust Vector Control Hydraulic Servicing Panels

Space voyeurs look up the SRBs aft skirt!

The business end of a solid rocket motor

Thrust vector control system within the aft skirt

The Thrust Vector Control System gimbals the
Solid Rocket Motor nozzle extension during flight

Nearby Surge Buildings store SRB flight segments
until they are moved to the VAB for integration

The third Mobile Launcher Platform sits at
the parking location north of the VAB

Nearby empty MLP parking location as the other
two MLPs are at the Pad and in the VAB

going vab opf pad museum class rpsf assembly marine disassembly back