New Porch Day 5 - January 13th, 2023

Check out Friday's progress at 12:45pm

The covered patio shingling is still underway

Can view the opening inside the house now with the plastic removed

View of the arch with additional support to aid a flat interior ceiling

Plastic pulled away from above the bedroom cupola

View of the eaves and triple boarded outside edge

Day's efforts are complete before the sun goes down for 5:30pm photos

Shingles are complete with run off on either side of the new porch

Angle from the right of the added roof to aid in rain runoff

View of the corner inside the bedroom cupola projection

Closeup of how the eaves will now begin past the new porch wall

View outside looking in at the same corner wall to eave meld

Left side corner eaves and hurricane strapping

Supports will gain concrete after underground gutter piping installed

The prior gutter may be sealed off once new top cover completed

The saved excavation dirt is mostly clay and no longer desired

Rio was hard on the yard but construction is taking its toll as well