New Porch Day 8 - January 25th, 2023

Crew briefly showed Tuesday to move ceiling boards out of the rain

Wood work is completed by the afternoon on Wednesday, Day 8

The front panel, top and sides are now all complete

The holes in the roof line are finally covered once again

Looks great and we have already decided to stain rather than paint

View from the corner of the yard at the new addition, love it!

Still have paint, electrical, plumping and concrete treatment to go

The corners are covered up well and will be painted white w/side walls

Removed brick will be returned back to the wall near the left window

Center of ceiling looks great!   Needs paint and a ceiling fan

Corner by the the window will also have brick reinstalled

Yellow board needs caulk and white paint to match the house

Looking forward to how the patio and prior eave gutters with combine

Rio is liking the new patio and muddy yard to play in

Paint/stain, electrical and gutters will be next to arrive