New Porch Day 6 - January 19th, 2023

After a six day wait for city structural inspection completion . . .

Work gets underway on the underground drainage piping

The gutters will drain behind both vertical support structures

The new piping will connect to the old piping that heads into the front yard

The new piping is about a foot under ground level

The new piping is added to the old with a "Y" connector at this location

Capture every angle for future reference such as later additions

Once the pipe is laid, the ground is returned and patted down

Once it is warm and the grass returns, pipeline evidence will disappear

Also receive an above ground drain in an area that has never flooded

Continue capturing every angle of the buried pipeline

Concrete will likely be poured in the next workday or so

Both supports have underground drainage, the prior drain will be capped

Recessed light fixtures are installed into patio ceiling

Will have four recessed lights, two on each side, of the covered patio

Will also have a ceiling mounted electrical outlet for Xmas lights and such

Recessed light near the left side support post

Ceiling fan will be mounted in the center

Will also have flood lights in both corners of the eaves

Right side flood lights installed by the remaining eaves

Project is really coming along after six days of effort

Rio loves the holes in the ground more than the covered patio above