New Porch Day 14 - February 20th, 2023

Concrete crew comes out and preps the old porch surface for a new surface

Mix powder & water in a big tub and then spread across the old surface

The slowly cover the surface of the old porch

Once completely covered, they allow several hours to coagulate

They will apply a brick stamp to the covering once firm but not dry

They leave lines where the wood panel separators are underneath

The brick stamp is places and pressed into the goo with body weight

They slowly work their way across the porch

They finish the stamping process and clean up the edges

The marshmellow topping is complete!

The crew will come back tomorrow and clean up the gaps between "bricks"

The crew will then paint the big marshmellow red similar to house brick

The surface will look very similar to before minus 20 years of grime

The new porch is very close to completion!