New Porch Day 9 - January 30th, 2023

Time for stain/paint five days after waiting for another city inspection

Workers cover the walls, windows and floor to to stain and paint

Photos after stain completed at 12:30pm, workers allow it to dry

Ladders ready to get after the paint once lunch is over

Yellow boards were caulked during the staining and await white paint

Like how they incorporated the cupola eaves into the new covered porch

Stain really brings out the wood grain well!

Ceiling fan will hang down from the middle

Painters are done by 4:30pm and capture their fine work

Outer eaves done with paint matching the rest of the house

Bedroom cupola boards look great below the stained ceiling boards

The lighting and fan will be installed on Thursday

Removed bricks will be replaced to complete the covered porch addition

The old porch lights will be removed and patched over, like the bricks above

Hopefully the grass will grow back strong despite Rio's efforts